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Issue 54

There’s no doubting that the trend for renting apartments is on the increase. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for a long weekend holiday break, or a six week stop-gap while moving home, or possibly a preference to stay in an apartment rather than a hotel, the option to stay in a place of your ‘own’ rather than having to fit in with the arrangements of a hotel, have a great appeal to a lot of people.

Most will search for somewhere online and, once they spot something that takes their fancy, will apply online. If the dates are clear, complete a few forms, pay your money and. bingo, you’re sorted. Simple. Up to this point you have taken for granted that the photos and descriptions are 100 per cent correct. What you’ve seen is what you expect to get.

But, have the owners ensured that the property is not only clean and tidy, but that everything is working. Crucially, is everything safe? Have they ensured that all gas and / or electrical appliances are working correctly? Have they been serviced regularly? Has any damage been repaired? Or is the property you have rented merely a place that a faceless landlord has decided will earn them a few quid whilst not seriously bothering to look after it?

Thankfully, if you rent an apartment through Newcastle based Week2Week Serviced Apartments, you needn’t have any of the above concerns. “We are members of the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers which means we are fully accredited and are audited on a regular basis,” said managing director, Claire Parry.

“Every one of our apartments has to meet strict guidelines before we are allowed to rent it out and ensures that clients can rent a property with total confidence, knowing that they will get what they are expecting….a spotless, well equipped, totally safe, fully furnished apartment which comes with wifi, car parking and all of the utility bills taken care. Sadly, many of the apartments you will find on the internet are not accredited which means you are taking a risk.”

A quick glance at the Week2Week website ( reveals a stunning selection of apartments across the North East offering everything from one to five bedroom apartments. VIPs can choose from penthouses. Every apartment is given the equivalent of a 3 – star rating. This avoids the sort of inconsistencies that can lead to confusion when renting an apartment. With Week2Week, you know what you’re getting.

“We create a home-from-home atmosphere in our apartments,” added Claire. “We offer a ‘bring your own device’ policy whereby every apartment offers charging points and is wired to accept HDMI connections. If you want to use your own DVD player or games console, no problem. Most of our apartments are in convenient locations which means clients can either pop out to do some shopping so that they can eat in their apartment, or alternatively have a great selection of places to dine and have access to entertainment and transportation.”

It’s when you look closely at the apartments on offer that you can instantly tell Week2Week only offers apartments which go the extra mile. The appeal is obvious. If for example you have a company that needs to find accommodation for clients or consultants, why not provide them with a seriously comfy apartment instead of putting them into a faceless hotel. Many business people spend a lot of time away from home and it’s been shown that life on the road can be stressful. They can often drink and eat more than they should. Wouldn’t it be better to take into consideration the wellbeing of a client or visiting contractor and let them feel as though they can relax in the privacy of their own apartment without having to worry about anything? They can kick their shoes off and do what they do at home. Chill.

“We’ve noticed a trend for companies to hire a two or three bedroom apartment when they have hired several consultants. It means that colleagues have their own bedroom and bathroom, but can still relax together rather than being on their own in a hotel room.”

Something else that Week2Week Serviced Apartments offers is a property management and hosting facility. Perhaps you’re heading off to Spain to get away from the British winter weather, or you may be going to visit friends and family in Australia and could be away for six months. Why not let Week2Week rent out your property and take care of it while you are away? Are you thinking of investing in property? If so, Week2Week can make your rental property earn its keep.

The best idea is to go onto the Week2Week website and check out the properties for yourself. The booking process is quick and simple, and because Week2Week is a fully accredited company you can book in total confidence knowing that your home-from-home experience will live up to all expectations.

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