A Remarkable Partnership: The Collaboration Between Bentley And Breitling

Issue 96

The end of 2021 marked the end of a remarkable partnership between Swiss watch brand Breitling and luxury car manufacturer Bentley. Both are industry giants in their own right so their alliance was cause for great excitement. It unlocked the potential to create timepieces that marked a new chapter for luxury sport watches.

The collaboration between Breitling and Bentley began in the spirit of celebrating a shared aspiration for precision, performance, and tradition. Naturally, pairing one of the most luxurious car brands in the world with the prestige of a Swiss watchmaker produced a number of limited-edition timepieces worthy of investment.

Pairing Bentley’s idea and the Breitling principle, these timepieces offer a one-of-a-kind experience for both watch and car lovers alike.

The History

2002 marked the beginning of a famed partnership between these two legends. Bentley commissioned the Swiss watchmaker to develop a clock for their famous cars. When the unique Bentley style and quality craftsmanship of Breitling watches were united, a new generation of automobiles and timepieces was born.

While designing the iconic Bentley Continental GT, Breitling was tasked with the creation of an onboard clock that reflected the unrivalled luxury, unequalled quality and breathtaking performance of the grand tourer.

The brands extended their partnership at the 24 Hours at Le Mans race, when Breitling sponsored Bentley in 2003 and was behind the car giant through its win. After 15 years since their first collaboration, their partnership was renewed again which marked Breitling’s integration of special Bentley editions within its core timepieces.

Joint Creations

This two-decade-long collaboration was a period of excellence for both the automotive and watch-making industries. Combining the signature aesthetics of each brand and their shared dedication to fine craftsmanship, collectors and enthusiasts are treated to outstanding creative innovations. Some of the most memorable collections include:

Breitling Bentley Supersports Light Body – This high-precision chronometer is complete with a variable tachometer and sun compass to accurately determine the Northerly-Southerly direction. You’ll find a dashboard-inspired black and red dial with its iconic Bentley bezel.

Breitling Bentley GT3 Limited Edition – Sleek. Self-winding. Automatic. This watch features a black carbon fiber dial and 49 mm black titanium case on a black rubber strap with a titanium buckle. Its functions include hours, minutes, small seconds, tachymeter and more.

Bentayga dashboard Tourbillion clock – Exclusively found in the Bentley Bentayga SUV, this fully mechanical dashboard watch has a specially designed self-winding system to ensure that it never runs out of power. It offers the same precision and style as a fine wrist-worn timepiece.

Breitling Premier Bentley Mulliner Limited Edition – Debuting in 2003, this clock is limited to 1,000 pieces and features a 42-mm stainless steel case on a leather strap that matches the interior of the car. It also boasted blue sub-dials with a power reserve of approximately 70 hours.

Each Bentley-Breitling exclusive timepiece is not only a reflection of exquisite craftsmanship but the history of both brands. From exceptional mechanisms to dazzling designs, every timepiece is a glowing testament to Breitling and Bentley’s evolution over the years.

Even though the partnership has ended, this collaboration continues to be an impressive feat. While both brands continue to provide us with luxury products, they remain a prime example of what happens when two like-minded brands work together authentically.

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