We're Here For Long Term Relationships!

Issue 99

SASS media Ltd are ready to take your PR campaign or business project to new heights!

Sarah and Sarah had been friends for more than 16 years when they set up SASS media Ltd – and they’re hoping to develop the same long-term friendships with their clients!

As you may have read in previous articles about us, we believe every business has a story to tell – maybe even several stories!

We can tell them through press releases we send to journalists about you, or by writing case studies for your websites detailing what your customers say about you.

We’re also here for regular blog posts, award nominations if you want help putting yourself forward – the list is endless really.

We’re open to helping SMEs, charities and public sector organisations, whether you need a oneoff press release or writing task to be completed or a bigger strategy – and we’re particularly skilled when working in the areas of health, charities and education.

However, what we’re really interested in at SASS media Ltd is creating longer term conversations about your brand, between you and your many stakeholders – and the creation of lasting, positive relationships.

Here’s an example. If you’re an NHS trust or organisation going through service changes, you’re likely to need to have several different conversations with lots of different people – patients and their families, people who live next to your hospitals, councillors and MPs, your governors and many other stakeholders – not to mention the media.

It can be a very demanding task to co-ordinate all of these different messages, which essentially carry the same important information, but need to be tailored differently depending which of your stakeholders you are targeting.

Even if you have your own marketing or PR team, they may need extra hands, eyes and ears on a particular project, to enable your organisation’s reputation to be managed and promoted as effectively as possible.

That’s where SASS media Ltd come in to help and support your organisation!

We’ll create a stakeholder map for your project or service change and work out the best ways to communicate with all of the different people who are interested or invested in what you have to say.

We aim to keep conversations running effectively and smoothly and reinforce the good reasons you have for changing a service or creating a new one.

We can help with things such as advising on stakeholder events, presenting to the media – including pre-empting their questions and how you might respond – how you can use your social media through the duration of this particular project or service change and whether bespoke newsletters or advertising in print publications are likely to be beneficial to you.

We can write press releases and press statements, information for your website, letters to councillors and MPs, patient information leaflets Q&A documents – basically anything you can think of that requires words – and ensure your message is clear and consistent, whoever you are speaking to.

It’s through working on longer term projects like this that we build our best relationships with clients – and we’re keen to create many more happy and successful ones.

Like all good relationships, it all starts with a nice cuppa!

If you’d like to talk to us with a bigger PR campaign in mind, give us a call and arrange a no-obligation free consultation – we’ll even provide the tea and biscuits!

Call now on 07896 894538 or visit

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