Strategy And Planning - Why, And How?

Issue 80

Strategy and planning is a vital part of successful marketing- before you achieve your goals, you need to plot your path towards them! Perhaps you are launching a new product, trying to reach a promising target market, or rebranding entirely- whatever you need from your marketing, Peachy Digital is here to help

Strategy and planning are usually co-existent in a marketing context. Strategy is a specialised form of assessment: understanding the market and environment that you work in, and deciding where and how the most effective action can be taken.

Planning, however, is resource-focused, and allows you to explore your new strategy in order to decide which actions you need to take to meet your goals. These complimenting concepts are a way to assess your business model, appreciate your potential, and move forward positively.

Outsourcing this to a professional marketing agency can be incredibly helpful. At Peachy Digital, we conduct detailed audits of our clients’ businesses, wider industries, and competitors. This allows us to compile a comprehensive view of challenges that you might face, as well as identifying opportunities with a specialised marketing focus. Furthermore, we know all of the tricks of the trade, meaning that we can help you to negotiate the market in the most efficient and successful way possible.

Research is another part of professional marketing and strategy that can be outsourced, and in doing so, you can benefit from a fresh pair of eyes. We believe that you know your business best, but sometimes stepping back and looking at the wider picture can be challenging from the inside! We can provide a detailed report, and then discuss our findings with you, bringing together your business knowledge and our marketing skills in a recipe for success.

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