Roar-ing Ahead

Issue 23

In February 2016, Michael Knowles took a massive step. After achieving a degree in Marketing and spending fifteen years working in marketing and sales for some of the region's leading companies, he decided to go it alone.

Fast forward to 2017 and Michael’s company, ROAR Digital Marketing, has gone from zero turnover to almost six figures. By the arrival of next year, ROAR is expected to easily exceed the magic £100,000 mark.

So, what’s the secret?

“I guess that it comes down to giving clients exactly what they want,” said Michael. “It may sound strange, but we ensure that clients know precisely what they’re going to get from ROAR and what sort of results they can expect. We then show them what the results have been and how to move things forward.”

That approach has certainly been successful because ROAR Digital Marketing has recently secured accounts with two prestigious companies, Royal Mail PFS and Northumbrian Water Group.

For Royal Mail PFS (Property Facility Solution), ROAR will be helping with their digital marketing strategy to help increase awareness and drive online performance.

For Northumbrian Water, ROAR is providing extra online content, digital advertising and a digital journey strategy. In a short space of time, Northumbrian Water has already seen increased online traffic which, when compared to last year, has seen value double. This is a terrific achievement in what is an extremely demanding marketplace.

ROAR specialise in PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), HubSpot Software management and Digital Journey Planning where they lead a customer ‘by the hand’ through where they should be heading in terms of digital marketing, web tools, social media and web analytics.

You won’t get any waffle from Michael Knowles and his team. The bottom line is that ROAR Digital know what they’re doing. You don’t get the sort of success that ROAR has enjoyed in such a short space of time, purely by luck. ROAR also ensures that clients aren’t blinded by the science of marketing. Working in collaboration with Google, Michael is a trainer and speaker for Google Digital Garage projects which has enabled him to help 1000’s of businesses understand and get to grips with digital marketing.

“There is no point in putting a complicated spreadsheet in front of clients if they haven’t got a clue what it means. Too many companies know that they should be implementing PPC or SEO yet cannot interpret the results. I aim to educate clients so that they fully understand what we do at ROAR, how we get results and, importantly, what those results mean. There is no use having what look like impressive figures if those figures do not generate business or value. It is the old adage “quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality.”

It’s all summed-up in the name of Michael’s company, ROAR.

Real Opportunity, Actual Results.

Well, Michael plainly practices what he preaches because he saw a Real Opportunity and he‘s getting Actual Results. ROAR has got off to a flying start and has secured further accounts which were previously handled by other digital marketing firms in the region. Good news spreads quickly.

If you have a business where you are either unsure about using digital marketing or are unhappy with the sort of results you’ve been achieving, the best idea is to have a chat with the team at ROAR. They’ll then look at your business and provide a fully detailed plan of what ROAR can offer. Be prepared for some no-nonsense, straight talking.

Go on. See what all the fuss is about.

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