Negt: North East's Got Talent

Issue 34

Let's keep it. At a senior marketer's lunch held at Wynyard Hall last autumn, there was discussion around whether there was a genuine brain-drain of marketing talent heading south out of the region.

We recognised that people do indeed migrate south to more lucrative and more substantial roles to progress their careers and CVs. However, we concluded that there had been a recent trend of people returning to the area to enjoy the quality of life we have here and the excellent environment for their families to grow up in.

Now into our third phase of delivering the new CIM Marketing Leadership programme, we have started to explore why some of the candidates are participating. While we might assume it is to gain the fantastic analytical, strategic planning, change management and business growth management skills that our candidates acquire on this course; the truth is that some employers find it the perfect way to invest in and retain the talent that they have at senior management level.

It is, in fact, cheaper to pay for a masters’ level course like the CIM Marketing Leadership programme, which equates to £6000-7000 as a one-off for your valuable team member rather than a salary rise, which of course is repeated year on year and creates an expectation for further increases.

In times of current uncertainty, although indeed there is scope for a great deal of optimism, in the long run, investing in this programme provides a fantastic way of showing that you value your staff, of course, the mutual benefit is the work they produce while on the programme. Effectively 18 months of marketing consultancy guidance and plans that they can present to the board to help you ensure the company is looking at and gearing up for the future rather than just waiting to see what’s going to happen.

If you are interested to find out more we are holding an open evening on the 2nd May to allow you to understand the course, our approach to teaching it, meet the tutors and chat with students who have already completed their first module.

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