My Day At The Office By Stephanie Snowdon

Issue 18

Stephanie Snowdon is 33, lives in Ashbrooke, Sunderland with her husband Paul and is the Head Resourcer for dynamic and innovative recruitment company, LMB Recruitment.

She has a raft of experience and has worked in many industries including being a market trader in Blackpool and London. She has lived in the North East since 2007 and here she tells Northern Insight readers about her day as part of one of the fastest growing, new companies in the region.

“I always get up early, at about 6am. I like to eat properly and exercise so I start my day with Pilates to loosen my muscles. At 7am, I switch on my phone to check my emails, get ready and take my Westie Pug Cookie out for her walk.

“I’m usually the first in the office at about 8.15am. I set up the office for the team, so when the owner Sean Lavender arrives we can start the working day straight away. We have an apprentice Sophie, so when she arrives at 9am, I organise her workload and spend some time helping her to develop her role.

“I then turn my mind to my own workload by clearing and answering emails, organising forms, amending and printing CV’s making sure that they are anonymous to meet the data protection requirements. I also prepare for the interviews being held by Sean and myself that day.

“I spend a good few hours sourcing people for placements by using my connections. That is followed by more phone calls and first stage interviews I conduct most of these on the telephone and then once I am happy, I pass the candidates to Sean to meet face to face.

“I am currently working with some large blue chip organisations in industries such as Oil and Gas, Further Education, ICT and Business and professional services. I look for candidates perfect for full time permanent vacancies. We specialise in the needs of industries including training, assessing and business development first and foremost. We know and understand what training companies and awarding bodies need, due to our own experience, so we are exceptionally good at head hunting.

“At lunchtime I usually remain at my desk I am undertaking a CIPD qualification myself, so it’s a good opportunity to do some studying.

“I then make sure the office has all it needs, order stationary and book in any maintenance needed for our equipment.

“My afternoon consists of conducting initial telephone interviews, whittling my prospects down to a strong choice based on their qualifications, skills and competency. I work with candidates on their CV’s ensuring they are telling prospective employers what they need to know in a snapshot. Generally I will look for between five and 20 candidates for any one position, so it’s a lot of work to get down to the right three people to put in front of the client.

“We often end the day with a management meeting, reviewing the coming priorities, taking briefings on new placements or vacancies and agreeing on the next course of action for our clients.

“I usually try and finish around 5pm so I can get home and walk Cookie again. I can often be doing interviews on my mobile up to 8pm though as many people can only talk once they themselves are out of work.

“Depending on what night it is, I either cook a meal for me and Paul, go to my ballet lesson or have a driving lesson life is never boring!”

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