Jak Hq Welcomes New Web Clients

Issue 26

Last year, UK advertising spend grew for the seventh consecutive year, topping its pre-recession peak, a surprising stat when you think about the recent uncertainty caused by Brexit. Undoubtedly, and unsurprisingly, this record was driven by digital media, but not just in the form of internet based advertising like you might think. What were once known as traditional media channels (such as outdoor poster sites and TV advertising) have evolved with the growth of digital, meaning usage of channels such as animated, rather than static, outdoor poster sites and video on demand advertising, rather than live TV advertising, last year increased by 34.5% combined.

When we started out more than a decade ago, most of our campaigns focused on printed ads in newspapers and magazines, direct mail pieces, TV and radio. However, whilst important, these tools are no longer the workhorse of every campaign we do- they’re part of a much broader mix. Yes, it’s undeniable that we now live in a digitally focused world, but, contrary to popular belief, that doesn’t mean we should all choose digital media over traditional media channels.

Naturally, our clients’ priorities have moved into how their content works digitally first, but we must still consider how content works across more traditional methods. There never has and never will be a one-size fits all approach to advertising – it’s all about what works for the audience you’re trying to target.

If a print advert or direct mail piece is the right way for you to communicate with your target audience, then it’s likely that you’ll get more stand out now than you would have done previously. And it’ll more than likely be at a lower price than it would have previously cost too, so in some cases it’s a win-win situation.

Many of our clients have started re-sending out direct mail pieces to their customers and several of them are seeing greater response rates than they have done previously plus an increase year-on-year. Could this be put down to the lower competition and greater stand out? We would have said so!

For one of our clients, increasing spend on door-to-door leaflet distribution has significantly impacted on both sales and profitability as customers responding to the leaflets have been high margin converters. Encouraging sales for one client in 2015 resulted in a first half, like-for-like, increase in leaflet volume of 44% in 2016. This year, volume has increased a further 28% on last year- as they say, the proof is in the pudding!

Without a doubt, digital’s grip on advertisers’ purses will continue to tighten over the next few years. Indeed, this year, for the first time, internet advertising alone is expected to contribute to over 50% of total advertising spend and it certainly won’t stop there. Nevertheless, we need to remember not to throw the baby out with the bath water successful campaigns are always going to need an integrated media mix and that’s something that isn’t going to change any time soon.

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