Is Your Corporate Social Responsibility Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?

Issue 98

A recent sponsor offered their services with the condition that they did not want publicity.

The reason the organisation gave highlighted the true purpose of Corporate Social Responsibility.

I quote, ‘we have a responsibility to support society, we can so we do, if we courted publicity to do so then we are not being responsible. We are taking, not giving.’

Considering I have worked with many highprofile individuals who ‘do good’ but only to boost their personal agenda and lifestyle (One of the frustrations that created Kind Currency).

Our sponsors values exemplified exactly how all businesses should treat their social responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility, how is your organisation responsible? Are you giving or using the responsibility to take?

It is usual practice to be given the details of the marketing team or informed it is dependent of the marketing budget when discussing corporate social responsibility, especially at a grassroots level.

But corporate social responsibility is not a marketing opportunity.

It is very much about the responsibility an organisation has.

Without agenda, targets, or gains.

It has everything to do with the values within your company and how they impact the world, internally and externally.

The responsibility begins with the systems and culture an organisation employs to deliver their products and services.

And from there how the organisation goes on to support and positively influence society, the environment, and the economy.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is working to make the world a better place.

That is the only target, the gains are all embedded within the impact.

Currently, most businesses task the marketing team with their CSR. This is a negative.

It is not CSR at all. Marketing as a department has a ROI measured strategy.

Placing CSR within marketing makes it all about what the organisation can gain. The expectation that there is to be a return.

It feeds the problem rather than being part of the solution.

CSR is not something an organisation must do; it is part of the culture.

Corporate Social Responsibility is paying your employees a fair wage, providing a supportive and nurturing environment. It is using environmental and economical sustainable methods to deliver your products and services. It is supporting the communities you serve and the problems in society that your organisation can help to resolve.

These are not tasks with a target, these are a way of life for an organisation.

You can take simple steps to ensure your organisation is not abusing its privilege for corporate gains:

Look at where your CSR sits within your organisation and what expectations have been set as targets. Remove the expectations and lead with empathy.

Gain open and honest feedback on your organisations culture and act on the findings. Do you have employees living in poverty? And if so, how can you best support them?

Has your organisation set realistic sustainable goals? Are they achievable? The small changes really do make a significant difference, think long-term with short-term actionable steps.

Support the issues in society that align with your values and that your organisation could pay forward to help the solution. Do it because you can.

Most importantly, it is just a policy or is it real action?

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