In Conversation With David Lewis, Supply Chain Operations Manager At Elanders Uk

Issue 82

Tell us about your role at Elanders UK?

I am a supply chain operations manager, responsible for overseeing the flow of goods and services through the supply chain. I help to manage every stage of the fulfilment process.

I have been at Elanders for nine years and previously held the position of supply chain operations leader.

What services does the company provide?

Elanders UK, part of Elanders Group, is a global partner for integrated supply chain services, such as print and packaging resources, with more than 90 operations across four continents. It provides flexible and agile solutions for complex supply chains, providing customers with value-added services such as print and packaging resources which are integrated into its core business model.

What do you enjoy most about working at Elanders UK?

I really enjoy working with the team and building a good relationship. I also like the variety of the role particularly within the supply chain where we are involved in a number of really interesting projects at the moment.

What is your proudest business achievement?

I recently helped to project manage recent renovations within Elanders UK which included extending our mezzanine area to the benefit of customers within the supply chain. I was project lead for this and within this area we are able to store a lot of customer goods. For example, our pick and pack service and receipting goods.

What are the challenges that you face?

The sector is never static and change has always been for the better. If we look at Elanders UK we have diversified to offer not just print and packaging resources but supply chain services. We offer our customers a fully integrated service offering.

We offer a focused approach with an aligned strategy to Elanders Group and that is thanks to the leadership team in place.

How has the industry changed?

In many ways. I have been a printer since I left school and the industry has seen a shift from traditional print to digital. There is also more print on demand. Technology has evolved as have our services.

Print still plays a major role within Elanders UK but we now offer a fully integrated customer service.

How do you like to unwind away from work?

By spending time with my family. I also enjoy playing golf, walking the dog and spending time outdoors particularly on the paddle board.

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