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Issue 82


Marc tell us what you do.

I look after my client’s finances helping them to plan their futures or put in protections for them, their businesses, and their families.

Why is it important for people to have someone like you, an expert in financial affairs to help them?

Eyveryone is so busy these days and they all have their own expertise, so someone like me can help them understand their options and explain objectives and goals for putting plans in place for their future.

We see warnings all the time that investments can go up as well as down so how do you minimise that risk?

It’s a tough one because the markets are constantly changing. The markets will always react whenever the markets are down creating opportunities for funds and fund managers to buy into certain asset classes. The risk element will never go away but what I do is mitigate as much as I can by studying analysis daily and then trying to spread your investments as far as I can globally. It’s my job to do the best I can for my client and its also my job to know the markets.

Do you have to be wealthy to use a financial adviser?

Nope not all I think that’s a myth and I think it’s something St James’s Place and North Wealth Management have got to overcome. People need all kinds of financial advice and assistance from a basic life cover policy up to wealthy business people who are trying to either extract profits from businesses or sell a business.

Have you an ideal client?

I enjoy the business owner side of things just now, just because it’s a lot more interesting and there’s a lot more to understand and learn. There’s also a lot more to get into as far as what their circumstances and their plans are going forward so I quite enjoy that. You can never have an ideal client as everyone’s different as we’ve all got different levels of finance, aims and objectives. No two clients are the same I can guarantee that.

I suppose a lot of your business comes from referrals from other people and trust but it doesn’t necessarily mean to say that if you go to see somebody that you will be able to help them. Is that right?

I can certainly help them, and I can certainly give them pointers even if they never become a client but the whole trust element is just crucial. We all want to be referred to, but I will go the other way and say I could definitely help them. They might not become a client but if they take the time to sit down with myself at no cost and no commitment and they’re open to discuss their finances I guarantee I will be able to help in some way shape or form.

How can people get in touch with you?

Best way is by e-mail or mobile number and I’m happy to talk to anyone for free without obligation. I’d love to help.

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