Get Ready To Roar About Your Business

Issue 19

Northern businesses now have the opportunity to roar about what they have on offer thanks to a new app developed by a North East entrepreneur which is already proving to be a roaring success.

Andrew Bartlett has developed an app that allows restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and bars to promote their products and events. However, RoarApp does not rely on the user searching for what’s on offer; the app searches for them.

And RoarApp will work in any town or city in the world. Plus, it has a safety feature that could help users when they’re out and about.

Andrew has already begun to sign-up business in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and Middlesbrough. He hopes to cover most of the UK by the end of 2017.

So, how does it work for those people who want to hunt for somewhere to go?

Easy. Go onto the App Store and download RoarApp…it’s the one with the lion’s head in a purple swirl.

They’ll need to sign up with an email and password. After that, they simply allow the app to know their location and away they go. First of all, they type in the place they’d like to explore, eg…Durham. Then hit the bars, clubs or restaurants tab, and a whole host of places will drop down. Click on a bar for example…let’s say Fabio’s…and the app will instantly provide with how far away it is from the user, the address, a map, opening times and a contact telephone number. There are plenty of photos too. Brilliant.

The user can then add this to a ‘plan’ which is, in effect, their list of favourite places, and even request whether to receive special offers. The favourites can be shared with any friends who’re also on RoarApp. There is everything from the major chains all the way down to one-man / woman operations.

Of course, this is ideal for any business. You now have the opportunity to tell potential customers who you are, where you are and what you have on offer. If you suddenly decide to promote something in a bid to ‘drive’ some footfall, simply go onto the Roar App. Too often there is a charge for doing something like this. Refreshingly, that isn’t the case with RoarApp. Venues can contribute to RoarApp free of charge. Updates are free too. So, if things look a bit quiet, log onto your own RoarApp page, put on a special offer, this will then go to everyone who has signed-up to follow you and, with a bit of luck, get ready for the sound of rushing feet.

As with most things in life, the simple ideas are the best. But, there is also a wonderful spin-off to RoarApp which could save lives.

RoarApp allows users to create groups of friends. This can be done by adding names to the RoarApp of using Facebook. Andrew has also just launched a terrific new safety feature called ‘Find My Friends.’ RoarApp notifies your group if you or one of your friends/family has left a radius in an unfamiliar way. It recognises patterns, so if a user’s movements indicate difficulties, RoarApp picks up on this and notifies the rest of the group. Also, if their phone stops working, RoarApp will automatically log where they were located most recently. As soon as the friends realise that there may be a problem, they can then ‘mobilise the troops’ to find out what’s wrong.

“I’m delighted with the way RoarApp is progressing and how well it has been received by both businesses and individuals”, said Andrew Bartlett.

We already have thousands of people using RoarApp to find bars, clubs and restaurants. The feedback from businesses has been terrific.

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