Focus On: Nicky Hayer

Issue 21

Throughout my time at University, I felt so sure that I knew exactly what I wanted to do and exactly where I wanted to be in ten years’ time. But, things changed. The more experience I got in different areas, the more I couldn’t quite nail down the one job that was going to keep me motivated and inspired, for the rest of my life.

So fast forward a few years of marketing internships, the family business, and hospitality roles and I found myself working as a Senior Manager within Bettys Café Tearooms; working to grow an area of the business, to increase both revenue and profit, whilst improving the all important, customer journey. This was an incredible company that pandered to my sales drive, but also taught me a huge amount about brand, management and myself!

Working at this level of luxury and hospitality, and with these sort of brand guidelines around sales and marketing was a real eye opener for me. And, it was the exact moment that I figured out what was going to keep me motivated across my career – challenge.

I wanted to go into a business and hear about their story, whilst gaining an understanding of their business aspirations. I wanted to develop the ideal solution to support them in their journey. I actually made this decision, over a tray of half cooked sweet potato fries one evening, and handed my notice in the next day.

Two weeks later, NIMA was born. A marketing agency, specialising in hospitality, luxury and retail, and offering support in areas including strategy, social media management, web design, brand development and perfecting the customer journey.

We’re now 18 challenging months into our journey, and are thrilled to be working with businesses across the UK. Feeling inspired and motivated, with every new story.

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