Explore New Horizons: Introducing Our New Magazine Room

Issue 102

As humans, there is something undeniable about our desire to explore. Exploration is a part of our everyday lives, evident in even the smallest moments. Whether it's venturing to the world's most beautiful countries and wonders or exploring our true callings and passions, it's all fundamentally the same. When we view the world through the lens of 'exploration,' everything becomes a journey worth pursuing.

Inspiration Behind the innovation: The genesis of our new Space

So, there we were, a typical Monday morning, sitting in the office with cups of tea in hand, casually chatting about our weekends. Suddenly, we veered off into a discussion about the space we have here in Newcastle. We love our office; having built it up from an industrial building with little character, we cherish the environment we have created. Yet, there has been one recurring request from our customers: “Can I come in and browse?” Each time, we’ve been unable to offer this, but it slowly led us to ask ourselves, “But why not?” Although our friendly warehouse team can fetch exactly what magazine you need and hand it to you through our front office hatch, we yearned for more. We envisioned a personal, unique browsing experience, tailored to our locals in the Northeast, or visitors passing through. That same night after our casual Monday catch-up, desks had been moved and shelves dismantled— safe to say it all happened very quickly.

Immerse yourself in a new world of reading

Our new customer experience is located in the former meeting room, which was previously filled with an oak table, a few chairs, a wall-sized map of our worldwide delivery service, and a TV for presentations. We saw potential in this room to transform it into an open-plan shopping experience for customers passionate or inquisitive about magazines. We aimed to create a comfortable, leisurely, and welcoming environment where customers can explore without pressure. It also presented an opportunity for our customers to ask questions, as you can meet personally with Sarah, Angela, Megan, Ellie, or John in the office. Since our knowledge of print runs deep, it felt like a waste to not share this with our customers.

Explore the benefits:

What our magazine room has to offer

This small but impactful room is brimming with an impressive 300 different indie publications from diverse backgrounds and missions. For those unfamiliar, indie magazines are published without the financial support of major companies or corporations, choosing not to rely on advertising to drive revenue, which in turn preserves the integrity of their print products. This is why these publications often have a focus, a mission, and a drive to create change—qualities we are passionate about here at Unique Magazines.

The future is indie publications. With their high-quality paper, passionate editors, unique photography, and ability to inspire movement, they represent exactly what we strive for today: positive change and new perspectives. These publications are modern, inspiring, and current, making them the perfect gift, collector’s item, or just a casual weekend read.

Looking ahead:

The future of our magazine exploration space

Bring a friend, we’ll make the cuppas, and relax in our rattan chairs while flipping through the pages of a magazine that could find its forever home with you. To us, magazines are timeless— they are collectors’ items that always have a use. Whether it’s displaying them on a coffee table at your family party or cutting them out to create your own art, there is always a place in the world for these beautifully curated pages of knowledge.

Our new unique browsing experience, right on your doorstep, is ready to be explored now. A haven away from the world for a short while, surrounded by nothing but the exploration of print and unlimited possibility.

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