Embracing Change: The Launch Of Our New Website

Issue 103

Originally launched 15 years ago, our website had become outdated. Initially, a modest update seemed sufficient, but the compelling new logo designed by the talented North East-based designer at Design by Kinship inspired us to undertake a more comprehensive overhaul.

This realisation led to a complete rebrand and the launch of a redesigned website, aiming to provide the best possible user experience in this new era. Change, a constant and unstoppable force, offers exciting opportunities and opens doors to new possibilities, which we at Unique Magazines are eager to explore.

Our passion for print is profound, and we are eager to share it with the world. Through our website, we aim to showcase our enthusiasm and establish a hub brimming with endless opportunities. Our mission is to be the customers choice for printed magazines and we want our website to be a proud example of the passion we have for the world of print.

Why launch a new website?

Our goals for the new website were clear and centred around enhancing user experience:

Modernisation: We aimed for a modern, responsive design that performs seamlessly across all devices, particularly mobiles, to ensure that our customers can quickly and effortlessly access our services.

Enhanced Navigation: Our vast array of mainstream and independent publications is now easier to browse with the introduction of the new icon scroll feature, which allows customers to view magazine covers and find subscription details efficiently.

Personalised Experiences: Unique Magazines’ ‘Uniquely You’ feature displays the latest trending magazines and personalises the browsing experience. Users can select their interests, and updates are customised to ensure they never miss an issue. This feature keeps users informed and engaged with content that is tailored specifically for them.

Subscription Management: We introduced a more user-friendly system for managing subscriptions, renewals and printed orders, giving customers complete control over their experience. While we cherish direct interactions with our customers, we understand the value of offering them the independence to manage their subscriptions.

Ultimately, our focus is on the customer experience. We want visitors to our website to feel in control, at ease, and inspired as they discover the magazines that speak to them. With our new website, we are not just keeping pace with change; we are setting the stage for the future of Unique Magazines. We are moving with the times and creating an experience that will always be the most modern and up to date, with the customer at the heart of everything we do.

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