Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Issue 37

Fresh out of university and realising the working world really was as scary as everyone says; Jam Marketing's new Marketing & PR assistant, Sophie Hannah told us a little bit about how she landed herself in Jammy Towers.

Having studied International Fashion Promotion in Manchester for the last three years, I realised I couldn’t wait to enter to world of work and start building my career; little did I know how hard that was going to be.

Job searching is not easy, I spent a long 12 months and countless hours, filling out applications, attending interviews and ultimately being rejected because there was always somebody else with more experience. Regretting my decision of going to university, I reached the point where I wondered how could I have spent so many years studying so hard – and racking up so much debt – to ultimately be told that my qualifications were nothing without the experience? Then along came JAM, a company with a different attitude, who decided to take a chance on a graduate with absolutely no experience in the working world of marketing, but rather an excited young alumna who had a real passion for all things digital.

Fast forward nine weeks and here I am having my work published in one of the region’s best magazines (check me out). But it doesn’t stop there, I’ve put my digital flair into helping promote our fantastic clients’ brands through various forms of digital media. I’m busy day-to-day controlling social media platforms for some of the North East’s best companies, taking part in some exciting marketing campaigns and most importantly, loving every minute of my job. Oh, and if you’d asked me a year ago what my future career goals were, I’d have said exactly this.

I guess the moral of my story is that a degree isn’t everything and a CV full to the brim can’t compete with the right attitude and personality – maybe that’s why they say “don’t judge a book by its cover.”

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