Cpd Is It Worth It?

Issue 24

Professions are changing. In 2012 81 per cent of the professional bodies required full members to have a degree. By 2015 this had fallen to 36 per cent.

Does it mean that standards are falling? Or is it a reflection of the different entry routes into a profession? Will the 36 per cent with degrees be the only ones who will rise to the highest levels in their profession?

CIM and CIPR members complete, record and reflect on their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) every year to maintain their status. This is one reason why a degree alone is not enough. Learning and development must continue throughout their careers.

Like many things, it’s not actually as straight forward as that. In fact, the way in which training and qualifications are being delivered is changing and this has an impact for both employers and individuals. Employers can use CPD as part of their recruitment and appraisal processes. Consultants can reassure clients that they are using best practice.

Clearly it has an impact on study centres such as nesma, too.

Tutors at nesma maintain their own CPD. They are all too aware that the world is changing dramatically. They need to understand not only what is happening now and why, but also what this will mean in the future.

In my job, it’s almost impossible for me to avoid learning new skills every day! To support my students, I must have a good knowledge of ‘what’s going on out there right now’ as well as understanding the latest marketing theory and trends. But I can honestly say my interest in learning something new has been invigorated by the new CIM Marketing Leadership Programme and I know my students are thriving on gaining new knowledge and skills to apply strategic thinking and analysis to their businesses.

Good professionals are always keen to learn, to find the best, most efficient way to achieve results.

The C is the key: continuing.

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