A Year In The Life Of...

Issue 75

STACEY NOTTINGHAM Owner, Bombshell Design

What did you set out to achieve this year?

To continue growing our client base expand the number of employee’s at Bombshell Design. Not only that but also to become a Ltd company. Has everything went according to plan? We had to change our dynamic when covid first hit. There was a lot of knee jerk reactions from companies, which was understandable but panic stations set in, not just for our clients but ourselves as well. We realised that traditional styles of marketing had to change and needed to be more digital, better websites, online social media presence, digital marketing campaigns etc. We put this in place and it has enabled Bombshell to have a fantastic few years in business.

How has the ongoing Covid crisis affected your business and how have you mitigated this?

After the initial lockdown we adapted and knew people needed to be more digital so we changed our approach. This has reflected in businesses changing their model in how they market themselves and how we then in turn put a digital strategy and better online presence in place for them. This has enabled us to grow our business and the clients too. We have grown our team now so things are going well… But there are both positives and negatives. I’ll start with the negatives. Naturally businesses are having to cut back. The economy has taken a hit and understandably businesses are looking as to where they can cut costs. Often one of the first areas they look to reduce costs is in Marketing. Companies feel they have nothing to market and as such need to remove those costs. This in turn means that companies won’t continue with social media campaigns, nor will they want to produce printed literature to promote anything. The positives are that some companies have been busier than ever throughout this pandemic. They on the flip side have needed to continue with these marketing strategies to let people know that they are available and the services they can offer. Social media marketing has increased as people are aware that they now need a good digital presence to create an awareness and stand out from the crowd and a website that works! Not only that with retail premises and business workplaces shutting, those companies that are forward thinking really felt they needed to get on the digital bandwagon quick. They had to change their marketing strategy and as such were able, with my assistance to generate a real and strong digital shop window. One of the most important things that companies can do is still maintain a digital presence. I know that Bombshell Design still are. I have been in business for 17 years and I have a good reputation for cost effective solutions for SMEs. Due to the UK being on lockdown, the British public, now more than ever are browsing the internet and social media platforms as they have more time on their hands. Online sales have risen and companies ethically have an opportunity to raise their awareness. If you fall off their radar, someone else will fill the slot. If they are looking, you need to be there to be seen.

What are you most proud of this year?

That we have continued to grow in still uncertain times and to showcase why people should use Bombshell design for all their marketing needs.

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve received this year?

Be true to yourself, be strong and stand out from the crowd! Your business will always evolve and grow, adapt and align so enjoy the ride. Embrace change and trust is the key to any relationship! Also I was once told my someone very wise – Always regret something you do do, rather than regret something you don’t do! What have you learnt about yourself this year? To try be as positive as I can even when overcoming hurdles. There is always a solution. Growing a business especially in a pandemic can be hard but if you have the right people around you the sky is the limit.

What’s been the most enjoyable business social event you have attended?

Just generally being back face to face and having a little normality. Describe 2021 in three words… Challenging, reset and goals.

What does the remainder of the year hold?

To go into 2022 with a positive attitude, to grow Bombshell more and to reflect on 2021, to enable us to grow and evolve.

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