A Decade In The Design Industry

Issue 27

Ten years can seem like a long time on paper, within that space of time a person will live through 5,256,000 minutes, endure ten summers and winters whilst growing a decade older.

On paper, ten years is a long period of time and speaking of paper, creative designer Steve Myers of web, graphic and user experience design company, Paper Voice, has flourished within that time. Life for Steve hasn’t always been devoted to web and graphic design. Prior to the designers 25th birthday, Steve’s career was in a further afield work environment. Steve worked for entertainment retail company HMV between 1998 and 2004, his six-year position within the company concluded and then followed by a career move to Northern Rock in 2004 until 2007.

From there he took on the role as a mortgage advisor. It was in 2007 when Steve made the executive career decision to attend university to study Interactive Media Design. With a new career path established, Steve attended Northumbria University between 2008 and 2011 to then leave the north-east institution with a 2:1 BA Honours. Freelance work was the next step. Looking back on his time at Northumbria University, Steve mentioned, “I was actually the only member of my alumni that went into freelancing and self-employment, all of the other students went towards working for other businesses, however, I was also the oldest on the degree and freelance was what I wanted to do.” Freelance work is important and following his time at Northumbria University, Steve’s impressive skillset forwarded him to freelance for companies such as WSI Newcastle, Metro Radio, WDP Studio, Chartwise UK and JAM Marketing. With a successful freelance career spanning over three to four years, Steve finally made the adventurous decision to set up his own company, Paper Voice. Paper Voice specialises in using user interface design methods in creating the perfect design that reflects a business in the correct way, the company does this by fully researching what potential clients do and what services they offer to their own clients.

During Steve’s time directing Paper Voice, many doors have opened and a continuous variation of clientele have followed. Successive doors have developed through Steve’s involvement in joining BNI Cookson. BNI (Business Network International) Cookson is South Shields’ very own chapter of the world’s biggest and best business referral networking organisation and incorporates a range of local business and service owners within the north east. Having being a member of BNI Cookson since 2011, Steve spoke of his time with the group and his intentions for the future, “I have no intention of leaving the group, I’m grateful to BNI because I’ve received a constant stream of business through this outlet.” As Steve prepares for his 35th birthday, Paper Voice continues to grow a successful client base across the UK. The last ten years in the design industry have been prosperous for Steve and Paper Voice with the next 5,256,000 minutes of the following decade looking even brighter.

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