What A Load Of Nonsense This Start-up Journey Is!

Issue 77

I decided from the outset that I was going to pop my head above the parapet and share this journey, as Kind Currency and I developed.

There were many reasons why I felt it important to do so. One, was to challenge myself and to be accountable. Two, was to provide a true reflection of the start-up journey and entrepreneurship, without the sparkles (too many social media influencers making it all look like an overnight success). Three, and most importantly, was to grow a community based on integrity.

I began this journey in May 2020. Kind Currency was a mere thought back then, a glimmer of an idea. But I jumped in the deep end with both feet and no support aids. I first took part in Newcastle Startup week, and I’ve continued to share the process. Initially I just spoke about the idea of Kind Currency. Then, I was presented with a community award and was advised to start sharing where had the idea come, and my personal story. So, I listened and in 2021, I truly challenged myself.

And I do it every month through this column. As you will tell, I’m no writer, and I’m no business expert. But I am trying.

It can be scary, and half the time I know I’m making no sense whatsoever, but that is ok. Growing as a person and growing a business creates all kinds of nonsense, I am learning, but what emerges is progress.

I did expect the lows, naively I hadn’t realised how awful that would be but I did expect them. I didn’t expect anyone to really listen. Let’s just say my expectations were low overall. What I didn’t expect were the highs. But most importantly, I didn’t expect the support.

The support has been a thing of beauty

People, other businesspeople, want to support Kind Currency because they believe in it. And they believe in me. Which is quite something, and I’ve come to realise this is fundamental to the development of any business, and the Founder especially when you want to create a significant social change and impact. As I progressed into 2022 with the mission to take Kind Currency to the next stage of the start-up process (it’s not an overnight success), the support grew.

I was delighted to be listed as one of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs of 2022 by Small Business Britain in January as part of their #ialso100 campaign. And then in February Northern Power Women named me in their Futures List for their 2022 Awards.

Both communities do incredible work to raise up individuals to impact equality, inclusion, and level up. Values that underpin my life and Kind Currency. And what is important is that this support provides me with the strength to progress with the next phase of the start-up journey and of course, pay it forward.

Support is empowering

So, whilst I experience these incredible highs and I also face those darn awful lows, Kind Currency moves forward. Because of support and with support. And of course, a load of nonsense, mostly created by me, but that’s ok. Thank you to Northern Insight Magazine, Small Business Britain and Northern Power Women, I am truly grateful for your support.

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