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Issue 32

It's that time of year when the day of reckoning has arrived. Too much drink, too much food, too many late nights it all contributes towards that resolution that it's time to get fitter and healthier.

For most people that determination barely lasts past Valentine’s Day, when the gym membership gathers dust thanks to the fact that there simply isn’t the time to spend on getting in shape. Add to that the thought of the inevitable aches and pains which go after a workout and the result is the perfect storm of excuses for slipping back into your old ways.

That was of course, before Speedflex. The revolutionary exercise concept offers high intensity training with a difference and it is from a base here in the North East that it is showcasing how getting fit doesn’t need to be painful at all. Speedflex, which operates from the Fleming Business Centre, Jesmond, was developed to help improve people’s fitness without the strain usually associated with exercise.

The specialist machine, which allows people to work at their own pace and only needs to be used three times a week for 30 minute sessions, was brought to the UK from the USA by former NUFC footballer and physiotherapist Paul Ferris and The Sage Group founder, Graham Wylie.

The beauty of Speedflex is that the often unbearable pain doesn't follow, because the machines focus on concentric movements, users don't experience the micro tears to muscles which cause the soreness.

Paul Ferris, CEO, Speedflex UK & Ireland

It was here in the North East that the Speedflex group training concept, which features a personal trainer and heart rate monitoring, was developed, resulting in a fitness regime which is truly unique.

“People often find their enthusiasm for getting fit wanes very quickly, particularly if they’re not used to exercise. Their good intentions mean they go at it all guns blazing and then find they are in real pain the following day,” said Paul Ferris, CEO of Speedflex UK & Ireland.

“The beauty of Speedflex is that the often unbearable pain doesn’t follow, because the machines focus on concentric movements, users don’t experience the micro tears to muscles which cause the soreness. This coupled with the low impact nature of the sessions, means there’s minimal, if any, next day suffering.”

The fact that it’s a firm favourite of sporting stars such as Alan Shearer doesn’t mean however that it’s only for those already in peak condition. Speedflex is described as high-intensity training (HIIT) with a difference, and offers cardio and resistance training in a group sessions. The client’s effort level is used as force instead of traditional weights, and this lets the user train at their own personal level.

Regular group sessions are held at Speedflex under the supervision of an experienced trainer. “Speedflex is effective for both complete beginners and those who are very fit and active,” added Paul.

“Alan is a regular user, he could be in the same session working alongside someone who hasn’t exercised in 20 years, and the effect and benefit to each is exactly the same. “It’s our aim that those people who have had bad experiences with exercise in the past will come and try it for themselves and see that exercise doesn’t have to be painful.”

Speedflex Newcastle is currently offering a range of options, with membership starting from £30 per month, a six week experience with unlimited access for £160, and day passes for £10.

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