The Results Are In Your Hands

Issue 39

It's one thing to make the decision to change your lifestyle and re ignite the feel good factor and achieve the body shape you desire, its another, to know you are doing the correct things to achieve this.

Most people have no idea how or where to start, with their food. Here are just a few ideas to kick start you into a healthier few months and help you form new habits.

-Make a positive decision to avoid any soda drinks eg coke, lemonade or energy drinks. These are laden with sugar and are dangerous for your health, never mind your waistline.

-Go through your cupboards and put all biscuits, cakes etc into a bag and get them out the house, this will stop temptation. Rather than throw them away, why not donate them to a good cause?

-Change your lunches. Stay away from eating sandwiches and crisps at lunchtime. Try taking a healthier option such as lean meat/fish and salad in to work. If you want to make changes, you need to focus on better organisation. Removing bread and snacks at lunchtime will consistently cut the amount of calories you are eating per day, therefore could have a big impact on your weight over the next 3 months.

-Buying, rather than making a salad at lunchtime will mean it’s often accompanied with a sauce. Although you may think you are eating healthily the sauce may increase the calories to more than your original sandwich and crisps so be aware.

-Increase your portion sizes. You may raise your eyebrows at this but as long as the food is natural and healthy, it will keep you fuller for longer, therefore stop you reaching for unhealthy snacks during the day.

-If you are in a habit of snacking after your evening meal, eat half your meal as normal then eat the rest later, this should stop you from snacking.

-Keep drinking plenty of water, this will keep you feeling full and hydrated plus helps with your metabolism rate.

-Leaving yourself constantly hungry by eating minimal amounts of food for days thinking your weight will drop off, is wishful thinking. In the end you will feel awful and your metabolism will probably slow down. Ironically you will end up storing more fat in the long run. Being consistent works, quick fixes don’t!

David’s summing up

Stay positive, be patient and keep strong, remember the results are in your own hands.

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