The Man They Call G!

Issue 98

In the dimly lit entertainment hall of the Marella Cruise, a mysterious figure took the stage, captivating the audience with his quick wit and uncanny impressions. The man in question, known only as "G," proved to be much more than the initial enigma suggested.

With a resemblance to Russell Brand but without the infamous notoriety, G presented himself as an hilarious unique comedy vocalist and impressionist, promising ideal entertainment for the latenight revellers on the ship.

As Jackie Marston discovered during the cruise, G lived up to the hype and more.

At first glance, G appeared to be comedy gold, effortlessly delivering one-liners and a sarcastic sense of humour that had the audience eating out of his hands. The late-night show, leaving nothing to the imagination, showcased G’s fearless and unrestrained comedic style.

It was evident that he had honed his craft through years of experience.

A delve into G’s past revealed an impressive journey that began in 1997 with a backstage role for John Spillers’ panto Cinderella. From there, he navigated through various roles, from Butlins Redcoat to lead vocalist for the Hi NRG Showteam. G’s career took a turn as a member of the comedy impressionist trio, The Brother Lees, before he embarked on his solo journey in 2006.

G’s career highlights speak volumes about his versatility and talent. From playing all roles in professional pantomimes to headlining at the iconic London Palladium, he has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

His experience includes being the host of a rock festival, lead singer of an original rock band, and even receiving four “yeses” on Britain’s Got Talent.

Supporting acts for renowned figures like Mike Reid, Little & Large, and Slade, G has consistently proven his mettle in the world of entertainment. Notably, he spent two years as the headline act at Cromer Pier summer show and headlined the Clacton West Cliff Theatre Summer show.

For those lucky enough to witness G’s performance, it’s clear that behind the mysterious name lies a seasoned entertainer, a master of his craft, and a name that deserves to be remembered in the records of comedy and entertainment history.

If you want to follow The Man The Call G, then look him up on Facebook and if he’s ever anywhere you are and you want entertaining, he’s your guy!

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