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Issue 102

Lewis Brown - Information and Communications Officer for Healthwatch Gateshead and Healthwatch Newcastle.

With a passion for words and a commitment to community well-being, Lewis brings a unique perspective to the role, combining a love and background in poetry with a dedication to promoting health awareness.

Here he tells us about his weekends.

Do you ever have to work weekends?

Sometimes! But usually only as a one-off event, or in a self-directed way.

Are most weekends the same?

I thrive on variety, so I’m often out at different events, seeing friends and family in different places, etc, but I do regularly meet my creative peers in and around town, or go to the library to work on my personal projects.

Do you find it hard to switch off?

I do, so a change of scene or seeing loved ones with can be really helpful. The flipside of being motivated is that you sometimes have to accept you can’t do everything you’d like to, or some things will have to wait. We don’t always think of it this way, but rest takes discipline too!

What do you do at a weekend which you can’t fit in through the week?

Some peace and quiet! I love collaborative work and socialising, but everyone’s social battery is limited. I tend to give myself a lot to do even in my free time, so it’s important to take some downtime as well.

Morning exercise or a recovery lie in?

I’m very much an evening person, so definitely a recovery lie in. Slow mornings in comfy pyjamas with a cup of tea are really nice.

Big night out or a night in the house?

I love going to the cinema, but I’d have to say a night in! I’m a big fan of tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons, old-school nerd stuff like that. Nothing better than a night in with friends.

Do you watch or play sport at a weekend?

Not much, but I live close enough to St James Park that I can always hear when Newcastle scores! I have friends and family from all over Europe, so I do find myself rooting for a lot of different sports teams.

Where do you like to eat out at a weekend?

The Magic Hat! It’s a lovely café that uses ingredients that would have gone to waste otherwise, which is a great idea and means the menu is always different. It’s also just a really nice place to bring a laptop, do a bit of reading, do a bit of writing, etc.

What’s the best thing about weekends?

The freedom to set your own pace! Structure is good but sometimes its nice to not have a plan.

Of a weekend, you’ll usually find me most happy..?

Hosting a writing workshop, enjoying some poetry or typing away in the Lit & Phil. The North has such a vibrant arts and culture scene, so there’s always something exciting happening!

Healthwatch Newcastle and Healthwatch Gateshead provides community engagement, research, evaluation, and assessment services within the fields of health, wellbeing, and social care. They are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of people using health and social care services in the Newcastle and Gateshead areas.


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