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Issue 78

Owner and chef from Sachins Restaurant in Newcastle chats to us about the success of his venue in Forth Banks, Newcastle.

How long have you owned Sachins now Bob?

The restaurant is 40 years old but I have personally owned it for 27 years. We watch generation after generation of families dine with us and they come back week in, week out!

How did the pandemic affect your business?

It was an awful time for anyone in the hospitality industries and we suffered too. We adapted, which allowed us to launch our Heat and Eat menu, for curry lovers that just couldn’t bear the thought of not enjoying their favourite meal but were not allowed to dine at the restaurant. This, to this day, is still a success. We offered a Covid-friendly takeaway and delivery service, and, when we were finally allowed to welcome guests in an outdoor setting, we transferred our space outside of the restaurant into a street venue.

Have the regular diners returned now?

Yes, in their droves and we welcomed them with open arms!

What is so special about Sachins?

Our clientele is pretty special to be fair! They are loyal, which is what we’re all about too. It’s give and take in this industry and if you are consistent, by offering good value, excellent food and service, as well as being loyal, moral and ethical, then your customers will return. What does the future hold for Sachins?

More of the same, I hope. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it and the fact that the North East curry foodies can’t seem to get enough of our food, proves that for the last 40 plus years, we must be doing something right! That said, there has been an interest in our outdoor dining again for the spring and summer, which we’re considering. As usual though, it will depend on our good old British weather, as that dictates this venture.

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