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Idos is a private medical centre in St Peter's Basin, Newcastle, providing GP, Sleep Medicine, Psychiatry and Elderly Care medical services.

They combine these with complementary and psychological therapies to deliver a holistic health model which gets to the heart of the problem, reduces prescribing of medication, and offers more time to listen. It is run by GP Dr Ceri Sutherland and GP Dr Riaan Swanepoel who tells us more.

What sets Idos apart from other healthcare providers in Newcastle?

Our space is very calming and pleasant, and our mission is to create a welcoming alternative medical experience of excellent quality. We offer normal private GP appointments with a difference within the week. We always make sure that people have enough time to feel truly understood so that their concerns and questions are fully answered. We focus on the whole person and our goal is to support wellness at its essencea well body and well mind.

Our GPs will involve the other practitioners at Idos (if appropriate and with consent) to enable the best health outcomes for each individual client. This allows for a holistic approach using the knowledge of our experienced team. For example, a client with high cholesterol will be offered a nutritionist appointment along with an exercise intervention without delay, making lifestyle changes achievable.

The GP and the practitioner can work together under the same roof, to support the client with their issue.

How does Idos integrate with the local community while delivering private healthcare services?

We are open from 9am – 5pm other than half day Wednesday. We are also open on Saturday mornings. We have reached out to the Byker Community Trust to establish a program of health literacy with them. Six of our practitioners have delivered talks at the Byker Pantry and we are continuing these short health related talks. This is an extremely positive experience for all where local people hear about health topics including sleep , nutrition, exercise, red flags in health, mental health and behaviour change. Health literacy is a problem for 40% of people and can affect lifestyle choices and engagement with medical care. Improving health literacy is a way to reduce GP appointments and increase healthy behaviours.

Could you describe the range of healthcare services available at Idos?

We offer private GP appointments and have facilities to do blood tests, some heart (ECG) and blood pressure investigations. Our GPs can write prescriptions, compile medical reports, and make referrals to specialists. We also do well person checks, offer travel and work medicals along with travel vaccinations as required. We are the only provider in the North of England for two services: Sleep medicine which addresses Insomnia and Sleep Apnoea.

Liquid cancer biopsies-we are working with the Cancer Screening Trust and Datar genetics to provide the new frontline ‘liquid biopsies’ for cancer screening. This is for people who want to know if they have earlystage cancers but have no symptoms- this may be due to a family history of cancer or as part of their Idos comprehensive well person check.

We also offer Health Plans where clients can pay monthly for private GP services so that they have the peace of mind knowing that they can see a GP who they know and trust without a long wait and for a longer appointment. These plans are very affordable starting at £30 per month for individuals.

We provide complementary therapies including nutrition, sport, aromatherapy, acupuncture, shiatsu, yoga, and health coaching.

As “your local Doctors in Newcastle,” how does Idos contribute to the overall health and well-being of the community?

Idos provides an alternative option for people who want to prioritise their health and wellbeing. It can reduce burden on NHS GP services by providing this option and by helping the local community to improve their health literacy and how they engage with health service providers.

To find out more: www.idoshealth.co.uk


0191 429 0002

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