Gosforth Family Chiropractic's Top Five Benefits Of Chiropractic Adjustment

Issue 100

Chiropractic practices are becoming increasingly popular, and the benefits just keep on coming!

Doctor Jacob Palmer from Gosforth Chiropractic talks to us about his top five benefits of chiropractic adjustment, the first being the provision of powerful pain relief, the most common benefit.

Studies have shown that manipulating the spine proved to be more effective in relieving neck pain than medication. Chiropractic care offers pain relief in an abundance of ways which is why regular appointments are recommended.

The second benefit is that it helps to reduce allergies and asthma. The reports studying this have testified and confirmed that chiropractic care helps to improve symptoms of asthma and reduces the need for medication, increasing the quality of life in the long run. Gosforth Family Chiropractic use a wide range of treatment methods for proper, inclusive health management.

Palmer’s third benefit is that it could be of great help after a work or car accident. Chiropractic adjustment is not only helpful for pain relief, but for reducing inflammation. For injuries such as whiplash or stiffness, relieving yourself of inflammation and pain is essential. Consultations are vital for gaining knowledge of the patient and their incident and creating a pain management plan with the experienced staff at Gosforth Family Chiropractic.

Benefit number four is that it helps women during pregnancy. Throughout pregnancy, the body goes through significant changes, and this impacts the nervous system as well as putting a lot of pressure on the spine. By having regular chiropractic care during the pregnancy, it could help ensure a safer, easier delivery as well as a healthy child.

The fifth benefit is digestion improvement. Palmer discussed that the stomach and its functions are being controlled by the nerves running through the spine, explaining why it’s important to have proper alignment of the vertebrae. Improper alignment leads to problems such as gas, acid reflux and heartburn. Consistent chiropractic sessions are an easy fix to avoid these problems while simultaneously offering great health benefits.

Palmer concluded: “Taking the time out to have chiropractic care is worth investing into because of the tremendous benefits it offers.”

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