Go The Silk Route

Issue 96

Introducing Phil Hayden and Mark Douglas, the brains behind Silk Route Spirits, a premier quality spirit brand, based here in the North East, that uses only the finest ingredients to provide everyone with a memorable taste experience. The guys talk to Jackie Marston about their latest venture into the world of producing high quality alcoholic spirits.

So, what is Silk Route Spirits?

“The historical Silk Road, an illustrious trade route spanning from ancient China to the bustling markets of Europe, is what drove our passion to establish Silk Route Spirits.

“Infused with a deep love for the tales of the Silk Road, and an urge for exploration, our fascination with the diverse cultures that contributed to the rich tapestry of flavours, we embarked on our journey to craft a unique range of gins in 2022.

“The Silk Road transports us from the lush emerald peaks of China, through the nomadic expanses of Central Asia, the rugged terrains of Afghanistan, and the ancient landscapes of Persia before travelling to Anatolia and working with European Venetian traders.

“The profound impact of this ancient trade route on shaping Western culture as we know it today is undeniable. Many of the flavours and tastes we now cherish have their roots along this historic corridor. Yet, our inspiration also led us to embrace more exotic elements, like Sumac, a lemon-flavored berry found in the wilds of modern-day Iran and Turkey, guiding us to a distinct Journey of Taste.

“Drawing inspiration from the Silk Road’s legacy, we have meticulously crafted premium gins, each infused with a carefully curated selection of botanicals to deliver a one-of-a-kind flavour experience.

“Our unwavering commitment to quality and service is deeply rooted in our early experiences within the hospitality industry and a lifelong dedication to public and private sector work, which is why this is a perfect business for us to grow.

For more information of Silk Route Spirits go to www.silkroutespirits.co.uk

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