Bodyguards Top Health Tips

Issue 19

HOW TO MAKE A FRESH START With the start of another year upon us, here are some tips to help you feel like your old self again, only better!

Set some goals.

Avoid indifference next year. Don’t procrastinate. Make some choices and then stick to them. What is it you want to achieve in 2017 ? Understand that to be able to achieve your objectives you’ll need to be fit & healthy then create some goals that will allow you to achieve these objectives. Ensure your goals are realistic and achievable then try writing them down and putting them on your fridge or wall as a source of motivation and direction when times get tough in the year ahead.

Get support.

It’s always easier to achieve your goals if you surround yourself with people who really care about you. Tell the important people in your life what your goals are and then together, work as a team to ensure you achieve them, helping each other out along the way.

Keep it personal.

A professional, well experienced Personal Trainer will be able to assess where you currently are in terms of health & fitness then provide you with an appropriate exercise and nutritional programme, tailored to your own individual needs.

Think long term and avoid

taking short cuts.

True sustainable health comes from a balanced approach to your diet, your exercise routine and your lifestyle. You don’t have to become obsessive and rigid, just intelligent and sensible.

Listen to your body.

Your body is constantly talking to you, letting you know when you’ve done too much or perhaps too little. Your body knows – you just have to listen to it.

Drink more water.

One of the simplest steps to feeling and looking better is to drink more quality mineral water every day. Your body relies heavily on being well hydrated and doesn’t function well when it isn’t.

Eat Clean.

One of the most important steps is to eat a toxin free, nutritious diet. You are what you eat. Try to predominantly eat unprocessed wholefoods, organic, grassfed, free range when and where possible. Try to firstly place more emphasis on the quality of your foods rather than quantity, shopping more at butchers, greengrocers, fishmongers and farmers markets.

Create some ‘Me Time’ in your hectic schedule.

Ask yourself ‘what do you love to do ?’ then find a time each week when you can do it. It’s all very well working hard to fund your lifestyle and hobbies but if you don’t make time to actually pursue your interests then what’s the point?

Slow down.

Don’t forget that rest and recovery is as important to health as movement and exercise. Ensure you get to bed early as much as possible, slow down your breathing by learning how to meditate or take up something like yoga to learn how to relax.


After all the indulgence, reboot your system by eliminating all the toxins from your body. Give up alcohol for a month, home-cook all your meals and look after your body for a bit…

When it comes to being healthier, the best piece of advice is to find balance – Try following the 80% rule which states that if you look after your body for 80% of the time, your body will be more than capable of looking after you for the remaining 20%…

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