Royal Grammar School

Issue 18

Royal Grammar School or RGS as it is affectionately known in the North East, is a premier educational establishment for pupils in the region.

A co-educational institution since 2001, the independent school constantly acquires excellent reports from their independent body, overseeing the work of the school.

Dr. Bernard Trafford, current Headmaster of RGS hails from Somerset and has been in post for eight years. He is due for retirement in 2017 and is rightly proud of the ethos of the school, “Here at RGS we pride ourselves on the academic achievements we’ve always had but underpinning that is a pastoral outlook and extra-curricular programme which enhances the scholarly duty we have for pupils,” he comments.

The school is well known for its prowess in sport and drama, indicating Dr. Trafford’s assertion that well rounded individuals are created and sent out into many Universities or professional fields, with enquiring minds and the creative skills to make a real difference for the future.

2016 has been a year of consolidation for RGS and the process is underway to choose Dr. Trafford’s successor. That doesn’t mean the school is resting on its laurels. Rather, they are planning for 2017 in the same intense fashion as always, to ensure RGS holds its enviable position in the educational domain.

The school boasts 1320 pupils at this moment, putting great store behind a comfortable and happy environment for learning, “Today’s modern teaching processes are stringent but at RGS we take very seriously the welfare and wellbeing of the young people in our charge,” says Dr. Trafford, “Our pastoral services are in place and second to none, in order to ensure no pupil is overwhelmed or is under mental stress,” he continues.

Parents can be secure in the knowledge, the pupils in RGS’s care are treated with sound academic principle and individuality, established on good welfare criteria. This is particularly important when considering the more than 250 attendees at the junior school within RGS.

Royal Grammar School is recognised nationally as one of the premier educational establishments in the country. It can trace its origins back to 1545 but many believe the school started much earlier. It’s a happy place borne out by the attitude of staff and pupils alike, “I came here eight years ago and fell in love with the school and the North East in general; there was a feeling around the school of achievement, coupled with a comfortable learning environment. It’s a Headmaster’s dream; I have strived over the years to carry on that outlook and I am sure my successor will see the benefits of our comfortable, though achievement driven, atmosphere, and will want to continue that for the future, while bringing in his own methods,” advises the present Headmaster.

Newcastle is fortunate to have such a respected school in its midst. Academically it has achievement second to none and the bewildering array of extra-curricular opportunities from drama to sport, music to community projects is staggering. RGS will continue to be recognised for its prowess.

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