Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate - Offering Opportunities Beyond The Ordinary

Issue 77

Set in 220 acres of beautiful North Yorkshire countryside, QE welcomes children from three months to 19 years, with those wishing to board being able to do so from year 3.

At Queen Ethelburga’s we provide a home away from home where children can enjoy their childhood, whilst also learning the principles of adulthood as they grow and thrive, says Head of Boarding, Lauren Blakeley.

Being a boarder at QE gives students opportunities beyond the ordinary and across the Collegiate, staff are committed to providing a safe and happy environment for its students. At the heart of boarding at QE, are three central characteristics: opportunity, individuality and a caring community.

Weekends are as busy on campus as during the week, with a wide range of sporting, creative and performing arts, cultural and outdoor activities on offer. Boarding houses also host a varied programme of activities, encouraging students to socialise and follow their individual interests. State-of-the-art sports facilities encourage students to maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage their own fitness with the support of gym staff, teachers and coaches.

Socials are held regularly, with students enjoying spending time with one another, whether it be a formal black-tie event with all its traditions and etiquette, a paint party or a cookery competition. We also run rewards weeks to celebrate success and effort and these are always very popular with the students voting to choose the rewards.

The boarding environment is crucial in supporting students’ personal development and helping students grow in all aspects of their lives. Whether that is in academic studies, in the clubs that they choose, in the trips they attend or in the friends that they make; their experiences at QE will shape their life.

Lauren explains “With a large community of boarding students our task is to ensure that we create the same family atmosphere that smaller boarding schools have, whilst also celebrating the diverse community that harmoniously comes together at QE. We feel that we have something special within our school that comes from a combination of innovation, commitment to celebrating childhood and a drive to give the students the best education both pastorally and academically to help them become the best and happiest adults they can be.”

Students make their home from home in excellent boarding accommodation and facilities. Common rooms are provided for all boarders, so that students can get together and socialise. All boarding bedrooms are air-conditioned and have private en-suite bathrooms with a toilet and shower. QE’s dedicated pastoral areas and staff are available throughout the day and well into the evening, and all students have access to the award-winning THRIVE@QE programme promoting and encouraging the very highest standards of student wellbeing. Students can meet a Peer Mentor or Buddy, chat to staff about homesickness or get help with anything they might need.

Boarding facilities in Sixth Form reflect those students are becoming independent adults, providing more private, personal and study space. Court Apartments meet this need with additional dedicated study space for each student, further office equipment and a lounge area for relaxation in each room.

QE has a community here unlike any other, a unique blend of cultures and nationalities, where friendships are formed that truly last a lifetime.

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