Northern Echoes : A Young Artists' Exhibition

Issue 102

The Dead Dog Gallery is thrilled to announce the final show of its summer series, opening its doors on Thursday, June 13th from 5pm to 7pm. This exhibition is a heartfelt tribute to the lives and works of Norman Cornish and LS Lowry, showcasing the collaborative efforts of young artists across County Durham.

The exhibition draws inspiration from Cornish and Lowry’s iconic depictions of people, places, and landmarks from the North East and North West of England. These elements are central to the exhibition, reflecting universal themes of human connection, a sense of place, and belonging. Cornish and Lowry’s thoughtful and closely observed studies offer a strong sense of our shared history and heritage, themes that resonate deeply with the lives of those who inhabit these spaces today. The exhibition will feature 3 original Norman Cornish artworks which have been generously loaned from the Cornish family for the duration of the exhibition.

In a poignant time of reflection on our own history, this exhibition invites visitors to explore the enduring legacy of these two remarkable artists through the fresh perspectives of our young people. It highlights the recurring themes of northern resilience and the relevance of these themes in contemporary society.

Following the preview on Thursday 13 June, the gallery will launch an education outreach programme with primary schools across County Durham, funded by The Gillian Dickinson Trust. This initiative underscores the gallery’s commitment to providing enriching real-life experiences within the visual arts to children and young people throughout the North East. The Dead Dog Gallery supports local and regional communities by fostering pathways to excellence in the arts and bringing people together. Emblematic of this value is a long-standing and successful artist-in-residence programme, that seeks creative ways to support emerging and established artists and designers eager to engage with, and develop their practice within an educational setting and the wider community. We view our Artist-in-Residence’s and Designer-in-Residence’s as agents of change and transformation, who have been able to make a difference to our young people when most needed. Through their residencies, our diverse range of emerging and established AiRs/DiRs serve as strong role models to our students, adding significant cultural capital as well as raising aspirations for creative careers, often coming from the same areas of deprivation as our students.

Developing sector skills within an educational context, we support these creatives in their professional progression, giving access to well-resourced studio spaces, co-curation of bespoke projects, supporting public exhibition and facilitating engagement with our wider network and training.

In addition to the exhibition, the gallery is proud to announce the beginning of its first year of the Emerging Artist in Residency programme. This initiative supports early career artists, offering them a five-week summer residency that culminates in a preview night and a public-facing exhibition.

Through the Dead Dog Gallery, our mission is to support early career creatives in their educational, professional, and broader world experiences, offering creative pathways and opportunities. Still in its first year, the gallery is already making a significant impact, with ambitious plans to expand further in the future.

Join us at the Dead Dog Gallery on Thursday 13 June, 5-7pm to celebrate the remarkable legacy of Norman Cornish and LS Lowry and to support the future of young artists in our community.

Event Details:

Opening Date: Thursday, June 13th, 2024

Time: 5pm to 7pm

Location: Dead Dog Gallery, Durham Sixth Form Centre, Providence Row, The Sands. Durham DH1 1SG

For more information, please contact:

Name: Michael Robinson

Title: Head of Art Department


About Dead Dog Gallery

The Dead Dog Gallery is dedicated to fostering creativity and providing opportunities for young artists across the North East. Through exhibitions, educational outreach, and residency programmes. The gallery supports the artistic development of children and young people, ensuring that the visual arts remain an integral part of our cultural heritage.

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