Want To Raise Your Profile? You Need To Find Your Moja

Issue 79

"There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about". Oscar Wilde

It often seems incredibly self-centred but invariably the best thing about your business is you. You may have founded the business…you may be the person who turned it around… you may be the driving force who everyone looks up to.

In other words, the best way to promote your business is to promote you. Think of how YOU do business. You probably buy from people you know or people who’ve been recommended to you. They’re also likely to be people who’ve you’ve built a relationship with. Raising your profile will help build your connections, make you more recognisable, get you featured in the press and increase your online visibility. This will then get you and your business in front of more people who are potential clients or customers, which will lead to more sales and the growth of your business.

That is where Newcastle based Moja come in. They’re a profile building agency whose aim is to get your name out there and let everyone in your industry know who you are.

Put it this way, when you walk into a networking meeting or a conference, do any of the other delegates know your name and who you are? No? Well Moja will change that. “Our clients are busy business people,” says Moja founder and CEO Sophie Milliken, “but growing a thriving professional profile is important. It can lead to new connections, more opportunities, more business and exciting experiences. Who doesn’t want that?

We know that no two clients are the same, which is why the service we offer is bespoke. We find out where the client’s profile is already performing and only provide help in the areas where they need to grow. While we do that, our client can get on with running their business.”

Moja is a PR company, media agency, training academy, networking co-ordinator, social media expert, website builder and awards writer all under one roof. Too often you will find that a company you turn to for help only does one of those. The truth is these areas interact with each other, frequently blending together and varying in importance depending on the situation. Moja utilises all of those features to get your voice heard, get you known, and grow your business.

Moja clients complete a profile quiz where they’re scored on topics such as awards and recognitions they’d realistically qualify for, how much authority they have, how strong their online visibility is, and what sort of power and influence they exert. Moja ascertains things like whether they’re the sort of client who’d enjoy public speaking (or not) and how likely they are to get their name mentioned in the media. It’s important stuff to measure and allows Moja to tailor a programme to suit a client’s exact needs, strengths, and personality.

“We put together a plan of action which touches on as many areas as possible where we expect a client and their business to get known. Results will show an increase in online visibility and you can expect to see stories linked to you in the media. Your network connections will increase and you will find that you are invited to join organisations as an advisor. All of this raises your profile.

And as your profile goes up, the chances of your business growing and becoming more profitable will also increase.” Expect to see a lot of Moja. Following their recent launch in Newcastle, Moja will launch in Manchester (around midSeptember) followed early next year by a launch event in London. If you know of anyone in those areas who would benefit from raising their profile, get them to contact Moja or complete the free profile quiz.

The best idea is to speak to Sophie and her team to find out what they can do for you. In the meantime, is there anything you can start working on to raise your profile?

“One of the quickest and most cost-effective ways is to either take part in or create your own podcast,” adds Sophie. “It gives you a position of authority and improves your credibility. Load it onto YouTube and, as long as you talk about or demonstrate something which is topical, you will find that people will want to watch.” Working with Moja could be the smartest business move you ever make. Interested? You should be.

You can contact Sophie and her team via their website – or drop them an email –

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