Uk Athletics Ahead Of The Race Thanks To Gradvert

Issue 33

Headquartered in the North East with offices in London and Birmingham, Gradvert's core business revolves around helping companies develop talent. Here Glen Newton, Learning and Development Manager at Gradvert, talks about professional development workshops and how they helped enhance the skills and knowledge of the UK Athletics team.

As the governing body for the sport of Athletics in the UK, UK Athletics is responsible for overseeing the governance of the country’s athletics events as well as athletes, their development and athletics officials. UK Athletics also represents all Olympians and Paralympians within the athletics world.

UK Athletics wanted to enhance the knowledge and skills of their team to allow them to effectively deliver upon their aims and objectives and develop confidence in their ability to act as a leader within the business.

With a number of high profile events taking place throughout the year – including the 2017 World Championships, UK Athletics wanted to ensure that their teams had the tools needed to manage these events successfully.

UK Athletics partnered with Gradvert to design a series of workshops to support their teams and help them develop the desirable knowledge, skills and behaviours.

The delegates consisted of employees from all areas of the business at all levels.

It was important for Gradvert to spend time with UK Athletics to understand their goals as a business and gain a complex knowledge of how they operate and understand their environment.

The solution came in the form of a bespoke development programme that consisted of a series of interactive and engaging professional development workshops. Each workshop aimed to intertwine the values of UK Athletics with their Equality and Diversity objectives. This allowed these subjects to be brought to life in the delegates day to day roles and emphasise them to the people they may manage.

The programme aimed to increase and improve the confidence of the UK Athletics team. Each workshop equipped delegates in various strategies and techniques, with each workshop achieving at least a 91% satisfaction score and above.

The programme ensured that the team was wellequipped to initiate, plan and execute the 2017 World Championships.

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