Synergi Achieves Record Level Growth Following Best Year Ever In 2021

Issue 80

Success for cloud solutions and managed services provider follows record level growth in the technology sector.

The technology sector in the UK has grown exponentially in the past decade. Despite the challenges of 2020 including lockdowns and the Brexit transition period, the sector has shown resilience and record levels of growth in investment.

It’s becoming clearer for many why the sector is experiencing this record level growth; The world has changed and working practices continue to evolve. How we now live and work is having a major impact on business technology requirements. Organisations embracing the right modern technology solutions is the driving force behind the growth in both the sector and for Gateshead-based technology partner Synergi. Cloud solutions and managed services provider Synergi is mirroring the industry trend, having already out performed Q1 2021 in the current financial year by over 20%. The Synergi team is proud to have helped existing and new customers from a host of different industries to maximise their investment in modern technology. This includes changing and digitising working practices, improving cloud collaboration and adoption, and critically, securing data to protect against rising cyber-crime and threats. Fundamental shifts in how people now prefer to work, brought on by the pandemic has meant that businesses need to invest to retain and attract top talent. Pre-pandemic, most organisations adopted an in-office working culture, post-pandemic this is being challenged. The role of modern technology is to bring control together with flexibility to empower the ‘work from anywhere’ revolution.

How can ‘non-tech’ businesses thrive with technology?

A survey conducted by the London School of Economics found that 75% of firms in their survey had adopted productivity-enhancing technologies since the start of the pandemic. Synergi continues to help implement such technologies for varied industry sectors across the UK and has seen first-hand how manufacturing companies, the professional services industry, transport, travel and charities to name a few, have seen positive impact and efficiency gains in their business resulting from new technology investment.

Ambitious, high-growth organisations recognise the value in technology and are harnessing that potential by working with specialist technology partners, like Synergi, who possess a knowledge of their sector. It is important to invest intelligently ith a prioritised roadmap that will scale with their business growth and make them a modern attractive place to work that will attract and retain its people.

Here are six ways to empower innovation, growth and agility in your business

1. Effective & performance driven hybrid working – the ability to work from anywhere cannot be overlooked. The pandemic was termed a ‘wake-up call’ for many workers who now view hybrid working as the new normal. Cloud technologies such as SharePoint and Microsoft Power Platform have the ability to increase staff performance and effectiveness.

2. Finding the right technology partner – Working with a managed IT provider, such as Synergi, means you have access to the best experts and technology to transform your business. Many are now turning to a co-managed approach whereby the Synergi team works in collaboration with your in-house IT team to pro-actively manage and secure your whole IT environment. This allows your in-house team to focus on business improvements.

3. Focus on cybercriminals and threats – It’s a common misconception that your Microsoft data is 100% protected by Microsoft, which is why it is essential to assess your full cloud and on-premise

environment and put into place cyber-security measures and data protection.

4. Automation for the everyday –

Think about the everyday processes within your business such as starters/ leavers/quotations/sales/onboarding new clients etc. These processes can often be repetitive, time-consuming manual tasks. We often find they are not properly mapped out or considered organisation-wide. That’s where process mapping and automation can really transform, saving time and money and removing frustration from your end-users.

5. Accounting from anywhere –

Gaining remote access to some of the more well-known accounting systems throughout the pandemic was a challenge to say the least. That’s where Microsoft Dynamics, specifically Business Central, really drives value. Synergi’s Microsoft Dynamics practice, Unifi, takes customers from old, often hard to access systems into a secure cloud environment with secure access anytime, anywhere.

6. Embracing the modern digital workplace – The new digital workplace is a virtual form of the traditional in-office approach. Many organisations are now utilising the modern technologies available to bolster their staff productivity. For example Microsoft Teams was quickly embraced when we all were forced to switch to work from home, however there is potentially so much more to the platform than many are currently utilising such as telephony and SharePoint intranet integration.

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