Standby Healthcare Are Growing As Nominated For Sector Award

Issue 70

Standby Healthcare's aim to lead the North East's private sector agency supply is on track due to continued growth and success.

We have been working hard to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, not just in regard to simple USP’s but what actually makes us different. Now, businesses across the country have been forced into change but it’s how you cope with that change and turn it into positive energy with positive results. That is exactly what we have managed to do at Standby which is detriment to the hard work and dedication from our team in the office and staff workforce out in the field. We truly believe that growth is gained or lost with fine margin but sometimes it also comes to those that wait. After an eight/ nine month process, Standby will soon be announcing a new partnership with a leader provider of social care in the region which will change the face of staffing consistency and cover for Standby and our client. This process began mid pandemic and whilst everyone in the business now will share the success, it’s testament that we’ve been able to create a culture of growth where people can join us and dive straight in. As owners, directors, or managers, it’s easy to be biased about what has created the opportunity for success and while we know we have a long way to go, we have our team to thank for where we are now! This time around, we wanted to make sure they were involved and have their opinion out there for all to see. Questions for thoughts on our journey were sent out to all the team and these are some of the answers we got in return: Having worked in the sector, what do you think sets Standby Healthcare apart? Working for numerous agencies over the past eight years, I believe you need to have a good office/working culture with likeminded people you can always gain support from when required. Good customer service delivering high standards to clients, candidates which is what Standby have. (Lauren – Senior Consultant) What change have you seen within the business from your first day in comparison to today? It’s so much busier than when I first started as client and candidate base have increased massively. As a result, culture has improved as in-office staff are working towards the common goal of growth. (Steph – Client Account Manager) Do you feel part of the growth plan? I feel absolutely involved in the growth plan, our thoughts and ideas are taken into account and the team is included in discussions regarding the direction the company is taking. (Jacquie – BDM) What are your aspirations within the business, and do you have room to grow? I certainly feel that I have room to grow and progress within my role as my level of responsibility has increased day 1 and I now have a management position firmly in my sights following support from the Directors. (Rebecca – Compliance Lead) Why do you think that clients and candidates should choose Standby Healthcare? As a company, I believe we show a personable quality and take into consideration not only the needs of our clients, but the needs of our workforce. They are essentially the driving force of the business and we are dedicated to the cause to ensure that everyones needs are considered. (Rebecca – Compliance Lead) We still have a long way to way to but for now, we are on the right path and we cant wait to see what the future holds.

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