Spring Into Positivity For Success

Issue 66

Steve Black, also known as Blackie, is well known in the sporting world for his positive mind, fit body approach. More recently he has been using that knowledge to help businesses, individuals and community groups through his latest venture Protean Solutions.

Here, he talks about how this time of year is perfect for re-evaluating performance and stepping up a gear. “Hello March. The month we can start to look forward to lighter nights, weather improving and spring making everything seem brighter, fresher and more colourful! “March is a month of reawakening and that makes it perfect for evaluating your your own approach to business. The natural levels of our energy return as we leave winter behind. We generally need less sleep and have more positivity as we shed the extra layers of clothing, getting more sunshine and fresh air.

“So how do we use this natural emergence of our senses to improve business performance? My five tips will help you garner that energy, putting into action a rewarding revitalization for the remainder of the year.

“1. Morning. Get up earlier. Start your day with something that refreshes you – a big glass of water, a dog walk, a cold shower…whatever it is for you that wakes up and brings some zing. By doing it earlier, you are giving yourself a head start on the day and fitting in some you time, before you hit the desk.

“2. Change your diet. I’m not talking about dieting or losing weight. I’m talking about eating what is fresh in the stores. What is part of this new season. Spring greens, vibrant vegetables, naturally sweeter fruit. As the weather warms, our need for food changes and we become drawn to lighter, brighter stuff that gives us a more natural energy than the cozy glow needed through winter. ”

3. Take a break. The weather is going to entice you outside, so if it’s dry, take a stroll at lunchtime and open your eyes. Step away from the screens for a part of your day to look at the world evolving into another season and appreciate all that comes with it. Spread some kindness on this walk and say hello to your neighbours. We have been long been in lockdown and that human interaction bolsters us all.

“4. Reflection. Review what you love about your job and what drags you down. Can you outsource your least favourite bits, swap with a colleague, do more of what makes you get out of bed in the morning. You don’t have to totally re-invent your career to find your mojo again, sometimes just little changes make a huge impact.

“5. Set your goals. There’s 10 months left of the year. No scrap that, there’s nine months left as by the time we reach December you should be looking ahead anyway! What do your promise yourself you will try to achieve over the rest of this year? Make those goals ambitious but realistic and movable so you can continue to adapt and thrive as we move towards the new normal. “With these five things you should get that spring back into everything you do and feel more positive. Personally, I am focussing on helping others and have formed an exciting, soon to be revealed alliance to explore how our behaviour impacts on society, on ourselves and on success. There will be more to come on that soon, but if anyone wants to be a case study on what they believe is good behaviour, then please do get in touch! “I am also dedicating some time to supporting Age UK Northumberland with some videos, and that has refreshed my purpose in the community. Business is one thing but helping those who are vulnerable helps me sleep better knowing I am doing my bit! “Most of all remember to be the best version of you. Stay safe and God Bless!” Blackie’s portfolio is impressive, with big names including Kevin Keegan, Rob Andrew, Jonny Wilkinson, Jonathan Edwards and Glen McCrory endorsing the former Newcastle Falcons and British Lions rugby coach. He now works with companies including Cascade Cash Management, The John McEnroe Academy and Fairstone to name a few.

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