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Issue 29

We find out how CHANGE and Danny Mitchell can change lives

Over the last decade, if you’ve been to a sparkling charity event like the 50th Anniversary of the England ’66 World Cup win at the Baltic with Sir Geoff Hurst and Gordon Banks hosted by Sky TV’s Pete Graves and supported by the National Football Museum and Wembley, or done something crazy like riding the first ever nighttime zip wire from the Baltic roof to the Sage, or attending the first ever ‘Champagne on Ice’ (Glasswalk) event at the Hilton, there is a strong possibility that the name of Danny Mitchell will be familiar to you. Danny devised, organised and ran all of those events…and hundreds more… raising money for charity. The bottom line in all of this is that Danny Mitchell has the knack of being able to raise substantial amounts while crowds of people have a fantastic time. He’s held senior positions within the NSPCC, Stroke Association and currently works as Capital Appeal Manager for a local disability charity, and he recently received the sort of phone call that any fundraiser dreams about. “Hi Danny. It’s Mark Beverley at St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation, are you sitting down? How would a donation of £1million feel?” For anyone who has been involved in fundraising or organising an event where 500 people are rolling-up in evening dress, it can give you sleepless nights, but the irritating thing about Danny Mitchell is that he is so incredibly successful yet makes it all look straightforward. The answer is that Danny has one thing that you simply cannot beat. Experience. And here’s the good news. Danny has launched his own company… Change…which means you can tap into his experience. “I founded Change because charities and worthwhile causes are not maximising their true potential in an ever competitive marketplace”, said Danny. “It can be very difficult and frustrating trying to compete with large, household brand name charities, but it is certainly NOT impossible”.

There are several areas where Danny can help. He can either organise fundraising and events on your behalf or, even better, show YOU how to do it. “My main strengths are in my relationship development, creative and innovative thinking and determination to succeed. I can help you to take your finger off the panic button for a while, allow you the space to think creatively and become more productive. I can help you to develop strong relationships to gain gift in kind support and loyalty for years to come.” Danny has proved that networking is invaluable. He makes contacts through organisations like Network B2B and meets people such as business coach David Cliff at Gedanken who’ve given Danny invaluable guidance.

However, Danny can also help organisations and individuals be successful in fundraising. Change can provide bespoke training to give guidance on event management and the best way to develop relationships for sustainable support (sponsorship, gift in kind, event participants, donations, etc). They offer a mentoring service which is especially valuable to those who are working either alone or as part of a small team. Fundraising can be a very lonely existence. Danny can provide a ‘Fundraising Health Check’ to look at your strategies, suggest areas where you could make some changes to maximise potential and help to reduce potential costs. Change can also source items of memorabilia to use at auctions. The best idea is to have a chat with Danny Mitchell. He can then explain where Change can help you. Danny will help you to support others. And, as he’ll tell you, ‘impossible’ is just a word. It’s time for Change.

I founded Change because charities and worthwhile causes are not maximising their true potential in an ever competitive marketplacE

Danny Mitchell, Change FR

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