Mind The Gap - Not Just For Trains!

Issue 45

By now you are probably wondering what all this CX stuff actually means to you and your business, don't worry you're not alone.

Hopefully you now realise that this isn’t customer service, it isn’t customer satisfaction scores, and it certainly isn’t fluffy. It has real profound bottom line impacts, in simple terms it transforms businesses. You’re probably wondering like many, and indeed I was recently asked by one of the North East’s top businessmen, where on earth do you start? The answer is simply at the beginning.

Mind the gap is an incredible process that starts right at the beginning, from how your customers even find your business and then works across every single touchpoint of your organisation, identifying all the areas of incredible opportunity.

Interestingly some of our customers will tell you that they don’t deliver a great service, but they do deliver after working through the Mind The Gap process, an incredible and consistent customer experience.

Delivery is what our customers expect us to do 100% every time, that’s the promise we make to them when selling a product or service. They will receive the product or service they want, when agreed and for the price agreed. That’s customer service, that’s delivery and that’s what our customers consider should be a given every single time. During Mind The Gap you will identify areas of opportunity to deliver exceptional customer experience consistently, taking you far beyond delivering a great customer service.

Interesting perhaps, but so what, why bother? Well consider this, if you could increase your profits from 24%-95% would you bother? If you could increase customer retention by over 47% would you bother? How about If you could increase employee retention by over 45% then would you bother? What if you could at least half your sales and marketing costs would this make you bother? If you could significantly improve your operations and simplify business processes, then would you bother? What if you could clearly identify, in a very simple snapshot the areas of your business that if you invest in will deliver maximum returns?

What if I told you Mind The Gap will help you identify how to do all of this; would this then make you bother?

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