Make Your Teeth Fit For Business

Issue 17

Having the perfect set of teeth is not about vanity, it’s about an essential tool for business success, as multi-award winning cosmetic dentist, Dr Ken Harris, explains.

You wear designer clothes, you’ve got the latest devices, a leather briefcase and the expensive watch so you should be all set to show your business skill.

But, as we are subconsciously being judged from the minute we meet someone, if our teeth don’t measure up, it could seriously affect a professional relationship.

What seem like really superficial factors actually impact on what people think of us, which can also influence whether they like someone enough to do a job.

It may seem an unfair way to judge someone’s ability but the truth of that matter is your teeth CAN affect your business success.

A study showed 528 subjects before and after pictures of people who had cosmetic dental work and asked them to evaluate them on traits such as intelligence, success and friendliness.

Those rating the pictures overwhelmingly assigned more positive qualities to the post treatment images, confirming how we react to people with teeth that aren’t stained, missing or crooked.

When we met someone one of the first things we look at are their mouths and we perceive people with crooked teeth negatively.

Busy business people often put off looking after the basics because they feel they don’t have the time, but neglecting your teeth can have far reaching consequences.

At Riveredge we have made provisions to accommodate the needs of busy businessmen and women. NHS dentist’s usually only give a 30 minute maximum appointment, which can mean a number of repeat visits.

A private practice like ours can book a whole morning or afternoon to deal with everything in one appointment, so the patient doesn’t need to block out a number of times in their hectic schedule.

Make time to look after your teeth it may be just what your business needs.

Headed by up Dr Ken Harris, Riveredge Cosmetic Dentistry has surgeries in both Sunderland and Newcastle.

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