Lets Have It!

Issue 65

As we launch into a 2021 that looks unlike any year we have started before, Steve Black of Protean Solutions, says we need to adopt a "Let's Have It" attitude every single day to make sure we thrive.

His advice starts with the point of not wasting energy. We are in a global pandemic and life is the way it now is. We can’t change that. But what we can change is how we deal with it. And how we structure ourselves within the environment we find ourselves in, while we are in the moment. Here Steve highlights his tips on being who you want to be, doing what you want to do, in as successful a manner as possible: “As the chimes rang out at midnight, I spoke with my family on the phone and we promised each other that we would refuse to let 2021 break us. We agreed to embrace what the year threw at us and make the best of everything, knowing we will come out of it stronger. That is what we all need to do and how we will all thrive, if we apply some simple rules everyday to our working lives.

Make a decision to get off the Pity Party Train

Sadly, things aren’t how any of us would want them to be. Life is not supposed to be a game of solitaire, which is why many people are struggling. Without doubt we need company and we need support. We need our colleagues and peers. But with a little mind shift, do you know what we can realise? That those people are all still there, just in a different format, so it’s up to us, to each of us, to approach life differently. However different things are, we must remind ourselves that these are not times for feeling sorry for ourselves. These are times for delivering, not procrastinating. It is surely a time to be decisive, focussed and action led.

If we get on the right train we can start adapting. We can keep in the game and keep momentum by building our enthusiasm. Momentum and attitude is infectious and the people in your life will be drawn to do business with you if you remain a beacon of hope, seizing this time as an opportunity to thrive, maximising the hand you have been dealt. Stand up and say loud and clear that you are ready to take anything on, and you’ll be surprised what comes your way!


To thrive in life and business, constant analysis is needed. An examination of what you are doing, what you should keep doing and what you need to start doing is essential for continual improvement and for creating a pathway to success. Clarity is needed for roles now more than ever, with necessary changes in our communication methods. Everyone needs to be clear on what they are doing, who they are doing it with, how they are doing it and what the expected outcomes are.

Analyse as a team what works for you all individually and collectively, and pull together to examine performance on a day by day basis looking at how you can improve with better performances daily! Communication and feedback are key – and if you spot something that isn’t working, then simply stop doing it. Conserve that effort and energy for something that does work.


We’ve all heard the expression ‘the survival of the fittest’. 2020 and 2021 has changed that to ‘the survival of the most agile’. To be successful and happy we need to adapt and adjust. Those who are doing well didn’t linger in their actions at the announcement of the first lockdown. They dug deep, found change and became effective. They evaluated Atheir performance and kept joining in. By doing that, they kept the respect from their peers and customers/clients. They committed to a certain high standard of work and positive attitude. That is attractive and the energy that you exude when doing so on a mission is palpable, people can feel the positivity and they in turn will feed off that. Performance

Plan your day, live that day and at the end of the day record and evaluate. Evaluate your own performance critically and honestly, but also with a healthy dose of being supportive to yourself. I always ask people I support to consider three key elements: 1. How much real energy have you put into your day? If it was lagging, why so? Do you need more sleep, more self care or less distractions? 2. How well have you treated people today? Were you properly in each moment with them? Would they have felt the positivity and focus from you? 3. Have you nurtured relationships? Have you displayed trust, integrity and collectively made a positive impact? I might have things left to do on my daily jobs list, but if I can say yes to these three points then it has been a good day!

Keep a journal and answer these questions at the end of each day. If you aren’t happy, you can reflect on why and then make it better tomorrow!

I’ll be there for you My first three points might sound exceptionally focussed and driven, which they are. My fourth point might sound a little self indulgent, which it isn’t, as you will find if you start the good practice of self evaluation. But what we as humans must never lose sight of is that the only thing we can’t give away in life is kindness. And do you know why? Because when you give kindness you keep getting it back in multiples. Be the person you want others to be and encourage good behaviour in them. That is the ultimate goal for us. Tell people you will be there for them, follow that up and ensure you do what you commit to do, and just see what comes back your way! “Most importantly to you all – please be safe and god bless.” Steve Black is a well-known face in the sporting world who has taken his expertise in making people fit in the mind as well as fit in the body through his corporate facing business, Protean Solutions. Steve Black, or Blackie as he is better known, has been focussing lately on working with both individuals and organisations driving motivation, teamwork, leadership and excellence in the workplace. His portfolio is impressive, with big names including Kevin Keegan, Rob Andrew, Jonny Wilkinson, Jonathan Edwards and Glen McCrory endorsing the former Newcastle Falcons and British Lions rugby coach. He now works with companies including Cascade Cash Management, The John McEnroe Academy and Fairstone to name a few.

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