Kpspotlight On - Alex Hudson

Issue 19

As jobs go, barrister and accountant are two pretty good ones if we do say so ourselves. But where is the link between standing in court and managing accounts? Enter Alex Hudson.

Alex, KP Simpson Certified Public Accountants’ Office Manager and member of the team for almost five years, started off his working life wanting to be a barrister, studying law and gaining the highest marks in his field. However, as he explains, it wasn’t as easy as it seemed to get into the profession.

“I wanted to be a barrister hence the law studies however it was all very political and with my family being very working class I didn’t really fit in. Even though I was top of my class in all academic studies of law I could not gain a sponsorship as none of my family were from a law background.”

Fortunately for Alex, his strong mathematics skills came in more than a little handy as he found work in accountancy – funnily enough with KP Simpson’s own Andrew Potts, albeit for a different firm – before leaving to progress his qualifications.

The hard work and studying paid off for Alex though and he soon got a job running an accountancy firm in Sunderland. It was something he enjoyed for six years, before old friend Andrew came knocking with an opportunity at his new firm, KP Simpson.

Initially starting off part-time with KP Simpson, this quickly became a full-time role and a position as office manager he still holds today.

Although not part of his job role, Alex wants to help change the way accounts are seen.

“We’ve got a young, vibrant workforce who aren’t scared to get involved in all areas of the business and think outside the box.

“Rather than the old fashioned vision of a grey, dour accountant with pipe in hand who you’d see once a year, we like to keep regular contact with clients so they know exactly where they stand.”

Creative, efficient and friendly Alex’s words not ours KP Simpson really are changing the accounting and tax game, challenging perceptions and doing the best for clients on a case by case basis.

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