Job Adverts A Thing Of The Past?

Issue 83

Historically, when recruiting, you would create a very shiny, beautiful advert - stick it on the career pages of your website and then pay for a job credit to advertise on a popular job board - and Bob's your uncle applications would start to flood right into your careers inbox. But not now...

Certainly, that may work to some degree. Those candidates who are scouring job boards daily or looking specifically at opportunities on your website could cast their job seeking eyes over your advert and press the Apply Now button – and could be perfectly suited to both the role and your company values. However, is anything really that easy? As the pandemic has changed the mindset of many individuals, people have now decided they want more meaningful, engaging, and personal interactions – with absolutely anything. So, some options when sourcing your perfect candidate –

If you do choose to advertise in the above way – make your advert sing to the right individuals. Research tone, language, and the correct advertising platform for the person you are seeking. Share your company values, the mission and vision of your business and show some images of your people. Allow the potential new team member to visualise your proposition.

Advertise and reach out. Use your network, ask for referrals, establish (or maximise) Refer a Friend schemes, share with your connections and ask them to share with theirs. Push it out far and wide and maximise spreading that advert with friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, excolleagues, and lots of friends of friends.

Advertise, reach out to your network, and proactively target new talent. This is the future (and our current) stance. Identify individuals who may not be looking on job boards and may not yet know that they are looking for a new role. Identify those who need to know about your opportunity due to the progression, location, training, and/or exposure that your role offers. Use the search functionality in social media groups such as LinkedIn and Facebook to target and communicate with many ‘strangers’ who may not have come across your advert – but may have the perfect background, values and mindset.

Remember that as the struggle for talent continues and your talent pool needs to be larger than before (with many businesses reporting rejected offers or candidates going ‘cold’) a proactive sourcing method is required. To top that last comment off – it doesn’t need to be expensive. It will take time and capacity however, the more people you speak to the bigger your Employer brand coverage and the more those ‘watching out’ for opportunities with you will increase.

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