Jddk Secure Planning Approval For Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre

Issue 20

Following a number of consultation exercises, Newcastle-based architects, JDDK Ltd, have secured planning permission for the prospective £5.3m Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre in Nottinghamshire on behalf of their clients. In essence, the design proposes an iconic building knitted into the existing community at Forest Corner so that a rough “village square” layout is formed.

The actual centre is a 558sq metre split level structure designed to lead visitors into Sherwood Forest. JDDK Principal Architect, Alison Thornton-Sykes, explained, “One of the main features of the Centre is its curved, twisted form, created by staggered roof beams, which reflects the forest environment and the concept of Robin Hood. There are several different elements to this from creating an initial welcoming area and retail and recreation facilities to wilderness zones which give visitors a real sense of the ancient forest environment. Indeed, one of the most popular attractions of the whole area is the magnificent Major Oak, the approximately 1,000 year old oak tree where the Merry Men outlaw band supposedly slept.”

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