How Harlyn Solutions Is Delivering Tonnes Of Specialist North East-made Equipment To The World!

Issue 84

The client's vision was vast - the challenge for Harlyn Solutions was making it happen. Because working in the offshore sector there is no room for error. The safety of individuals is paramount, while the cost of the specialist cargo can run into the millions.

The client wanted AMP1550 and backfill ploughs weighing 250 and 185 tonnes moved from Blyth to a project in Cyprus. There they would be used to bury and protect subsea pipelines. While such a project would require a team effort – collating and overseeing such a group was beyond the clients’ resources. Harlyn Solutions MD Hamish Adamson explains: “They needed a turnkey solution. The stakes were too high and the schedule too tight to hire multiple contractors. That’s why they called us, because, from their end, they needed it to be simplified. They wanted a fixed price and they had a hard deadline. They couldn’t afford to be distracted by the challenge.”

So Harlyn swung into action. They closed in quickly on the right specialist shipping vessel. That left them with the challenge of moving the machinery overland, and cost-effective hydraulic platform trailers were selected and sourced. From Blyth to Cyprus – it worked like clockwork. So well, in fact, that when it was time to return the plough, the plan was used again – this time in reverse!

And that’s what Harlyn does. They are an engineering-led transportation company that specialises in moving complex and unique cargo from origin to destination. No risk, no surprises, no teams to chase – just one engineer who is the single point of contact and completely committed to a project’s success.

Now in its third year of operation, Harlyn Solutions almost tripled its turnover in its second year, despite the pandemic. Harlyn has built a reputation for being able to take the drama out of the most dramatic challenges. Some require cutting-edge solutions, others require a mix of lateral and creative thinking. Most require both.

Like the time a client wanted to repurpose an old oil accommodation unit as a hospital in Peru. The unit had sat dormant for years in the Port of Tyne – a 1,340-tonne big red eyesore. And to their tight schedule, a little miracle unfolded. The precious cargo was manoeuvred onto a barge and on its way. Project Management, marine risk mitigation, mobilisation support and stakeholder management – all executed. A blend of intricate planning and 11th-hour problemsolving.

For Hamish, it’s the quality of his team that makes the difference. “Every member of our team is committed to engineering-led solutions. We are world-class naval architects and engineers applying cuttingedge engineering and innovation. It’s always about finding the best solutions for clients. They don’t have time for problems so we solve them – it’s that simple.”

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