How Automation Is Transforming And Supporting Businesses In 2021

Issue 66

More and more automation is becoming an essential tool for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge, drive efficiencies and move to a modern business technology environment. With budgets and resource tighter than ever, it is vital for organisations of all sizes to revolutionise their clunky, inefficient processes and instead embrace more agile flexible, and productive operations. There is a common misconception that automation is only for large enterprises with budgets to match but there are numerous affordable and easy-to-use automation solutions on the market that can support your process transformation such as drag-and-drop workflow tools, digital forms, chatbots, and more.

SMEs can reap the benefits of automation such as increased efficiency, cost savings and time savings. By automating manual, repetitive, time-consuming tasks team members can instead focus on highpriority, value-add tasks in which their individual skills can truly shine, adding value to other business areas and processes. Arguably one of the most important elements of an automation solution in the current working environment is that it offers a central location from which processes can be viewed, mapped, and edited.

With many still working remotely, this capability unites disparate teams, allowing them to easily manage their operations and processes. Whilst not prioritising automating your processes was understandable in the chaos of 2020, 2021 is the year for improvements. SMEs are seeing some incredible results from…. Workflow Automation: Advanced workflow allows organisations to transform repetitive, time-consuming, paper-based tasks into editable and sophisticated digital processes using a dragand-drop interface. This tool is commonly used to transform processes such as employee onboarding (or any starters/movers/leavers process), help desk support, discount approvals, and invoice management.

Chatbots: Chatbots work to reduce the volume of inbound calls and emails that require human interactions by responding to simple and repetitive customer queries, with a seamless handover to human agents, when required. This offers a consistent and improved customer experience and allows organisations to re-focus their human capital. Digital documentation: With digital forms and digital document generation organisations can ensure that rich data can be collated onsite and recorded information can be easily transformed into documentation that adheres to branding and contains all mandatory information. This documentation can also be signed on the move using e-signature tools, keeping processes in flow.

So where do you start? By teaming with a digital transformation partner you can unite your knowledge of your organisation and its processes with the technological knowledge and skillset of automation specialists.

At Synergi we use process mapping tools to work with you to understand your existing processes and help you build new, improved processes that address your paint points, improve efficiency, and embrace your company culture. Synergi’s team of automation specialists have transformed the processes of organisations including AV Dawson, Changing Lives, St. Oswald’s Hospice, and Winn Solicitors.

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