Transcendence Parenting, It's Ok To Not Like Your Child

Issue 92

A Durham woman, Tricia Flanagan, has released a book with a quirky title, which is ideal for parents, carers, foster parents, teachers and anyone in a responsible position when it comes to giving children the best start in life.

Louise Davidson, working mum to three children under ten, gives Northern Insight readers the low down on the new behavioural modification programme, which does not require a specific parenting style/model and will enable others to benefit from the author’s experience and insight.

“On picking up the book which has a nice, bright cover, the pre-amble promises that ‘the journey through Transcendence Parenting, It’s Okay To Not Like Your Child book will be enlightening as you learn who your child really is, what they need from you and how to understand their and your own complex behaviours. Complete with anecdotes, suggestions and advice, the reader can study each human need, take reflection exercises/activities and complete tasks that help them know what their children need and what we can do to support those needs.’

“With three children myself I am painfully aware that each of my offspring have different needs and things that make them tick, so I open the book keen to read something that will change my life as a parent.

“As I am also reviewing the book, I was determined to keep a balanced view, looking for positives and things that could be better too.

“Straight off, the author is painfully honest. True stories from her own experience litter the pages, and it is very clear this woman has lived and breathed this process in her own home. I felt like if we had a coffee together, we would have lots to chat about.

“Her advice and focus on the needs of children is easy to read, and to digest, and I often found myself nodding or exclaiming out loud as something on the page resonated with me.

“I have to be honest and say I didn’t do the exercises as I am not really that kind of person. I benefit from reading, so I was pleased to see that the exercises did not overtake the book format and there is lots to read, without having to ‘do’. If you are like me though, don’t let the fact there are exercises to complete put you off buying this book, as the content is well worth the investment. We are all different though, and when I mentioned the exercises to another mum in my friendship circle, she seemed very keen to do them!

“I have taken some advice from the book and applied it to how I parent my three, but the biggest benefit to me, is to know I am not alone.

“All parents, even the best, have challenges. Tricia very clearly outlines it is how to deal with them and is very clear that it is not about stopping a child’s natural personality coming through – hence it’s ok to not like them, as long as you love them and do your best to provide to their real emotional needs.

“I definitely recommend it for people with younger children and can see it working well in solving the pain of some teenage angst years. I can also see teachers and grandparents getting lots of benefit, as well as professional carers. For the price, it is great value.

‘My only advice is to keep it out of sight of children’s eyes, as I had to answer a multitude of questions about the title. It opened up a great conversation with my eldest!”

Transcendence Parenting, It’s OK To Not Like Your Child is available to buy on Amazon as an ebook or paperback.

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