The Sunderland Story

Issue 90

Tonight we were privileged to witness a Sunderland AFC tour de force.

The skilled cast take you from 1879 to 2023 on a roller coaster ride full of highs and lows, from the team of all talents, the magicians of the 1930s, the Bank of England club through to Reidy and the current Mowbray era. There was tears, chants and songs mixed with solemnity as we are taken through the war years and the deaths of legends gone by. For any Sunderland player joining the club this should be essential viewing to understand the ethos and privilege it is to play for the team. A must viewing for any football fan and those of a red and white persuasion will recognise their own journeys following the lads! This is the story of Sunderland AFC, the next chapter is yet to be written but Sunderland will continue to bring together communities and deliver new legends who are yet to be born.

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