The Artist's Year - By Mary Ann Rogers

Issue 100

After the longest, wettest winter in living memory, we are finally leaping into spring here at Mary Ann Rogers Gallery.

The hills and fields are still sodden, but daffodils now line the road up to the gallery, a sea of yellow nodding heads to welcome visitors.

Inspired by the regular sightings of hares looking to pair up and breed, new hare paintings are well underway. Curlew, lapwings and oystercatchers can be seen and heard every day now around Leam Cottage just as lambs begin to appear.

New opportunities to exhibit in 2024 include the Portsoy Gallery in Aberdeenshire, we are looking forward to a trip up there, plus a new gallery in Oxfordshire which could work out well!

The nature camera has been set up by the river, and we’ve been very lucky to watch a fox come by quite often, although the otters are still evading us! I would love to be joined in the pool by an otter while I swim – it almost happened once last year, and they are such curious creatures that I fully expect one to pop up one day!

We are looking forward to welcoming visitors over the Easter holidays, which sees an influx of visitors to our area who enjoy the beautiful walks and views in the Rede Valley.

Mary Ann Rogers Gallery, West Woodburn, Hexham NE48 2SE.

Open: Tues, Thurs, Fri 10-4 also Sun 2-5


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