New Author Assists In Career Choices And Enlightenment

A new author on the literary scene is making waves with a series of books ranging from how to find your perfect career to poetry and short stories.

Dr Olushola Adeborode Kolawole (OAK) has released his first three books at a time when restrictions are being lifted across the UK, and people may need to turn to books for stability, advice, and guidance.

Here, Paul Jess reviews the diverse trio of books, giving his recommendations on the reading matter this summer:

“Not being a reader of poetry or short stories, I decided to read Practical Approaches To Choosing A Career first.

“The goal of the book claims for it to be used as a resource that facilitates the needed self-analysis to arrive at an apt career choice. It is suitable for someone at any age, and any stage of life, although perfectly aimed at young graduates.

“So having been through the mill with my own career during the pandemic and considering some changes, I was interested in what this book could teach me. Always a good start.

“Another good start for me is that is self-help handbook is only 51 pages long – this not only meant that I could find the time to read it, but that I was also likely to remember the tips and guidance as I wouldn’t be too overloaded with thoughts.

“The fact that Dr Olushola Adeborode Kolawole starts with his own story really resonated with me. Here is a guy not only willing to share secrets of potential success, but in doing so, he lays himself open. He refers to his career before he was happy, being about the money – something we will all recognise.

“Delving into ability versus ambition, talent versus the right choices, interests versus having the right qualifications it is a step-by-step guide to getting this right and well worth a read.

“His tips about understanding what you want to do, and why, are very clear. Personally, I am not religious, but I respect those that are, so I replaced the fifth tip for myself with ‘believing in fate’. The other four tips (you’ll need to read the book to find out) I have thought about long and hard and am now going to use to change my own future. I feel optimistic!

“Satisfied that Dr Olushola Adeborode Kolawole is a decent writer and an interesting mind, I explored next his short stories, The Little Things That Matter.

“This is a meatier read standing at 115 pages. Delving into family relationships, across cultures, across ages, this really is a book for all. It carries key themes and is rife with conversations that you realise when you pause reading, that you have actually been feeling part of. That’s how realistic they are.

“In a nutshell, a well written book of four short stories that boast believable characters all with a strong culture and an educational angle on relationships and life. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

“Next came Reflections. A book of 50 poems, that claim to be inspirational.

“It did not take me long to agree with the statement ‘inspirational’ …. Simply top-notch writing. The author states:

“Life is simply complicated because humans make it to be. We struggle to attain perfection without seeing perfection in one another’s imperfection. We strive to thrive in a world of vanity without having a moment to brood on the afterlife. I believe this temporary space would be a peaceful place to love and live if the world could observe a quiet moment to reflect on where we were coming from, why we are where we are, and where we look forward to being.

The urge to write “Reflections” came from deep cogitation on self, horrendous and happy happenings around. This is intending to help humans to realize the links in life, the way out of universal and conventional pains, the reminder of good old memories, and words of hope to stay happy. This golden collection serves as a wake-up call for all and sundry. It enjoins readers to love and have the right perception towards fellow humans, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, and personal beliefs.

Read, reflect, and be inspired!”

“I couldn’t have put it better myself and I am so glad I did take the time to read this authors work. From start to finish it has been enlightening and enjoyable. I wholly recommend his work, so much so, I will be reading them all again very soon!”

Dr Olushola Adeborode Kolawole studied a Master’s Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Heriot-Watt University, Scotland and a PhD in Operations and Supply Chain Management at the University of Bradford. He is a member of many professional bodies and the founder of The King’s Palace Schools in Nigeria. He is also the founder of OAK Foundation, a charity that supports indigent students, orphans, and widows. As the CEO of New Touch International Ltd, Dr Olushola Adeborode Kolawole lectures and supervises research students at four UK Universities.

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